Ashikaga Yoshitane

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Yoshitane was a son of Ashikaga Yoshimi (1439-1491) and was adopted by his uncle, Ashikaga Yoshimasa. He became the 10th Ashikaga shôgun in 1490. Yoshitane defeated the Rokkaku in 1493 but was forced from office that same year by his kanrei, Hosokawa Masamoto and replaced by his cousin, Ashikaga Yoshizumi. He fled to the western provinces and took up with the Ôuchi. In 1508 Ôuchi Yoshioki marched to the capital and reinstated Yoshitane as shôgun. In 1518 Yoshioki returned to the western provinces and in 1520 Yoshitane was driven from office again, this time by Hosokawa Takakuni. He went into exile on Awaji Island, and so became known as the Shima-Kûbo (Island shôgun).

Preceded by:
Ashikaga Yoshihisa
Reign as Shogun
Succeeded by:
1.Ashikaga Yoshizumi
2.Ashikaga Yoshiharu