Arima clan (Hizen)

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The Arima kamon.

The Arima were descended from Fujiwara Sumitomo and were established in the 12th Century by Arima Tsunezumi. They were minor daimyô of the Takaku region of Kyushu, with their domain situated on Hizen Province's Shimabara Peninsula. They were pressed by their neighbors, most notably the Ryûzôji, and to gain an advantage were friendly to the foreigners who called on them. They allied with the Shimazu and in 1584 assisted in the decisive Battle of Okitanawate, where Ryûzôji Takanobu was killed. They afterwards submitted to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. They lost their Hizen domain with the disgrace of Arima Harunobu in 1612, later being established in Hyûga Province.