Amako Haruhisa

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Haruhisa was a son of Amako Masahisa, who was killed in 1518. He was known first as Akihisa, then became Haruhisa with the blessing of shôgun Ashikaga Yoshiharu in 1541. He assumed control of the Amako in 1537 when his grandfather Tsunehisa retired and retook the silver mines of Iwami province from the Ôuchi, afterwards expanding Amako influence eastward. He marched as far as Harima province in 1538 and fought the Akamatsu at Ojio and Akashi Castles. Determined to finally eliminate the Môri of Aki province, he gathered an army of some 30,000 men and attacked Koriyama Castle in 1540. Despite outnumbering the Môri at least 3 to 1, he failed to bring the castle down and retreated when attacked by both Môri Motonari and an Ôuchi relief force. Nonetheless, Haruhisa was able to resist the Ôuchi's efforts to bring down Gassan-Toda in 1542-43. In the aftermath of that Ôuchi defeat, Haruhisa was free to consolidate his possessions to the east of Izumo. He grew suspicious of his uncle Kunihisa and the latter's circle of friends and family and in 1554 ordered the deaths of Kunihisa and his sons. Thereafter the Amako began to decline in power as Môri Motonari's strength grew. After his sudden death in March 1562, Haruhisa was succeeded by his son Yoshihisa.