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  • Died: 1618?
  • Title: Kamon no Suke
  • Other names: Akashi Teruzumi

Morishige was a son of Akashi Kagechika and at first a retainer of the Ukita. He commanded Ukita Hideie's vanguard at the Battle of Sekigahara (1600) and clashed with troops under Fukushima Masanori and others. Following the defeat at Sekigahara and the subsequent exile of Hideie, Morishige became a ronin and dropped out of sight. In 1614 he reappeared, joining the defenders of Toyotomi Hideyori's Osaka castle. He survived the fall of Osaka and is said to have died in poverty 3 years later, though his fate is not known for certain. He was a Christian and in this capacity was known as 'John' - for this he figured largely in contemporary European descriptions of the Osaka sieges.