Abe Masakatsu

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  • Born: 1541
  • Died: 1600
  • Title: Iyo no Kami

Masakatsu served Tokugawa Ieyasu since childhood, receiving a 5,000 koku fief from him in Musashi province in 1590. He received the title “Iyo no Kami” in 1594, as well as the use of the Toyotomi surname. His son Masatsugu (1569-1647) would serve Ieyasu as well, fighting for Tokugawa Hidetada at the siege of Osaka castle. Masatsugu would receive the favor of the Tokugawa over the rest of his life, seeing the Abe clan lands increased from 5,000 koku to over 80,000 by his death at age 79 in 1647.