Temmu 14 (天武十四年) / Shuchô 1 (朱鳥元年)

Timeline of 686

  • 686/6/10 Kusanagi no tsurugi is sent to be returned to Atsuta Shrine, from where it was supposedly stolen by a Silla monk in 668.
  • 686/7/4 In an effort to gain Buddhist merit for Emperor Temmu, who was dying, tribute (taxes) in kind were halved across the Yamato state, and yôeki (extra labor) was canceled.
  • 686/7/19 Outstanding debts & unpaid taxes of poor people are canceled.
  • 686/9 Empress Jitô ascends to the throne.
  • 686/10/2 Prince Ôtsu, son of Emperor Temmu, is accused of plotting rebellion, and is arrested along with thirty of his compatriots.

Other Events of 686

Births and Deaths

  • 686/9 Emperor Temmu dies.
  • 686/10/3 Prince Ôtsu is executed.
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