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Meiji 32 (明治三十二年)

Timeline of 1901

  • 1901/4 Yamada Mumajirô moves to New York from Japan.
  • 1901/8 Yamada Mumajirô opens an office on Broadway, in New York. His company mainly deals in export of iron and machinery.

Other Events of 1901

  • The Boxer Rebellion in China is ended with the signing of the Boxer Protocol.
  • "Mainland" system of democratic prefectural governance is put into place in Hokkaido.
  • The Kokuryûkai (Black Dragon Society / Amur River Society), an organization in support of expansion in Manchuria, is founded.
  • Merriman Harris revisits Japan.
  • Nakamura Shikan V establishes a form of Onna Shibaraku which serves as the basis of the form of the play still performed today.
  • Several of the first Okinawan immigrants to Hawaii, including Tôyama Matasuke and Ginoza Makisuke, travel to the mainland Americas, pioneering Okinawan immigration & settlement there.
  • Russia and Japan attempt to negotiate a peaceful solution to tensions over influence in (or control over) Korea.
  • Shô Ten, former Crown Prince of Ryûkyû, inherits the title of Marquis following his father's death. The former Ryukyuan royal family and their entourage abandon the fashions, rituals, customs, and other trappings of Ryukyuan royalty and adopt those of their fellow Japanese aristocratic Peers.
  • The Grand Shrine of Taiwan is established.
  • Takamine Jôkichi discovers a method for isolating the substance adrenaline from the glands of sheep and oxen.
  • Taki Rentarô composes Kojô no Tsuki.

Births and Deaths

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