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Meiji 22 (明治二十二年)

Timeline of 1889

Other Events of 1889

  • Buddhist missionaries first arrive in Hawaii.
  • Celebrations are held for the 300th anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu's 1590 entry into Edo.
  • A group of former shogunate officials form the Edokai, a historical revisionist group.
  • Eiffel Tower is completed for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, and becomes the tallest manmade structure in the world.
  • Pencil drawing is replaced with brush painting in the nationwide education system.
    • The Meiji Art Society (Meiji Bijutsu-kai) is founded by yôga artists as a reaction to this, and to the exclusion of Western painting from the newly established Tokyo School of Art.
  • Playing card company Nintendo is founded.
  • Ôkuma Shigenobu is succeeded as Foreign Minister by Aoki Shûzô.
  • The Tôkaidô Main Line linking Tokyo and Kobe by railroad is completed.
  • Yôga artist Yamamoto Hôsui opens his painting school, the Seikôkan.

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