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Shôtoku 4 (正徳四年)

Timeline of 1714

  • 1714/1/12 Ejima-Ikushima Affair - A power struggle over control of Ejima, a woman in the shogunal harem, comes to a climax and spills over into a larger affair.
  • 1714/2/6 In consequence of the Ejima-Ikushima Affair, the shogunate forces the Yamamura-za to close. The building is destroyed, and all its assets seized. All other Edo theatres are closed as well, for a brief time.
  • 1714/3/9 An edict is issued imposing a variety of restrictions upon kabuki theatres, many of which are repeats of restrictions already on the books. Box seats could not be taller than one story. Special passages and rooms for merry-making could not be constructed, and patrons could not be invited to the actors' homes. Blinds, curtains, and screens, which had been used to allow high-ranking samurai and others to visit the theatre discreetly, were banned. Torchlight evening plays were banned. Sumptuous costumes were banned.
  • 1714/4/9 The three remaining Edo theatres (other than the Yamamura-za) are permitted to reopen.
  • 1714/5/13 Nakamura Kuranosuke expeled from Kyoto.
  • 1714/10/28 Bakufu releases Kugeshuhatto.

Other Events of 1714

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