Keichô 16 (慶長十六年)

Timeline of 1611

  • Keichô 15/12/16 Hayashi Razan sends a letter to the Ming court, on behalf of the shogunate and via Honda Masazumi and the governor of Fukien, seeking to normalize relations. The letter portrays Ieyasu and Japan as a central political and cultural authority, to which other countries send tribute.
  • 1611/3/6 John Saris, aboard the Clove, departs England for Japan, alongside with the Thomas and Hector.
  • 1611/3/28 Tokugawa Ieyasu meets with Toyotomi Hideyori at Nijô castle in Kyoto.
  • 1611/4/29 Sebastián Vizcaíno arrives at Uraga.
  • 1611/7/25 Bakufu gives Red Seal to Jacques Specx.
  • 1611/7 Bakufu allows trading with Portugal.
  • 1611/8/9 Satsuma han completes land survey in Ryûkyû. The kingdom's kokudaka is set at 89,086 koku. Of this, 50,000 koku are permitted to be held in the royal government's coffers,
  • 1611/8/13 A big earthquake in Aizu; Wakamatsu castle collapses.
  • 1611/9/19 King Shô Nei of Ryûkyû signs formal surrender documents, as well as the Fifteen Injunctions (掟十五ヶ条, Okite jûgo-ka-jô), affirming his vassal status under the Shimazu clan lords of Satsuma han. His royal advisors and high officials are forced to sign oaths of loyalty to Satsuma han as well; one councillor, Tei Dô, refuses to sign and is beheaded.
  • 1611/9/24 King Shô Nei and roughly 100 other hostages taken at the time of the 1609 invasion of Ryûkyû are permitted to depart Kagoshima, in order to return to Shuri and resume his rule.
  • 1611/10 Satsuma begins a land survey of its own lands; this completes in 1614/3.
  • 1611/10/28 A big tsunami in Mutsu. The death toll is 1783.
  • 1611/11/28 Ieyasu allows trading with Ming China.

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