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Uesugi Kenshin

1478 - 1605

1500  1510  1520  1530  1540  1550  1560  1570  1580  1590  1600

A Word on Dates


Asakura Toshikage defeats the Shiba family and assumes control of Echizen, marking him in some scholar's eyes at the first 'Sengoku daimyo'.


Peasants demonstrate in the Kyoto area demanding the abolition of toll booths.


Asakura Toshikage, composer of the Toshikage Jushichikajo, dies and is succeded by Norikage.


  • Between 100,000 and 200,000 religious monto revolt in Kaga and drive out the ruling samurai (the Daimyô Togashi Masachika), establishing that province as a 'Province held by farmers' [Hyakusho mochi no kuni]

  • Ashikaga Yoshihisa takes the field against Rokkaku Takayori of Omi but dies on campaign. He is succeded by Yoshitane.


    Hôjô Soun takes Horigoe Castle in Izu and establishes himself as an indepenant Daimyo (many scholars considering him the first).


    Ashikaga Yoshitane defeats Rokkaku Takayori. He is then later defeated by the Hosokawa at Shogakuji and is forced to flee to the Western Chugoku region.


    Hôjô Soun takes Odawara Castle (Sagami)


    May Môri Motonari is born.


    Rennyo Kosa, founder of the Honganji, dies.


    Go-Kashiwabara becomes emperor.


    The Ôtomo defeat the Oûchi clan at the Battle of Uma-ga-take (Buzen).


    Murata Shuko, considered the father of the Tea Ceremony, dies.

    1504 - First year of Eishô


    Asakura Norikage and the Ikko Ikki of Kaga clash at Kuzuryugawa.


    Hosokawa Masamoto is assassinated by his adopted son Sumiyuki.


  • Oûchi Yoshioki restores the shogun Ashikaga Yoshitane in Kyoto, and is named Deputy Kanrei.

  • Shimazu Tadamasa commits suicide and is succeded by Tadaharu.


    Nagao Tamekage defeats Uesugi Sadanori at the Battle of Ichiburi (Etchu).


    The first firearm, a Chinese matchlock, to appear in Japan is presented to Hôjô Ujitsuna


  • Oûchi Yoshioki and Rokkaku Sadayori defeat Hosokawa Masakata at the battle of Funaokayama.

  • Ichijô Fusaie becomes lord of Tosa province.


  • Hôjô Soun takes Arai Castle (Sagami) from Miura Yoshitatsu

  • Asai Sukemasa breaks from the Rokkaku and establishes the Asai as an independent daimyo clan in northern Omi.

  • Môri Motonari defeats Takeda Motoshige near Koriyama (Aki).


  • Amako Tsunehisa attacks Oûchi Yoshioki's outposts in Aki province.

  • Hôjô Soun retires and is succeded by Hôjô Ujitsuna.


  • Hôjô Soun, the author of "21 House Lessons" dies and is succeded by Ujitsuna

  • Imagawa Yoshimoto is born.


    Hosokawa Sumimoto dies and is succeded by Harumoto

    1521 - First year of Daiei

  • Takeda Harunobu (Shingen) is born.

  • Môri Motonari allies with the Amako.

  • Miyoshi Motonaga establishes the 'Mandokoro', the Miyoshi headquarters in Settsu; The Miyoshi increasingly distance them selves from the Hosokawa.

  • Oda Nobuhide of Owari takes Nagoya Castle from the Imagawa.


  • The Akamatsu lose Mimasaka and Bizen to the Urakami, their former vassals.

  • Sen no Rikyu, the celebrated tea master, is born.


    August Sue Yorifusa and Tomoda Yorifuji clash at Tomoda (Aki).

  • Merchants from Sakai and Hakata clash in the Chinese port of Ningpo.


    July 10 Oûchi Yoshioki captures Sakurao Castle (Aki) and forces Tomoda Yorifuji to submit.

    November Takeda Nobutora makes peace with Hojo Ujitsuna.

  • In The Battle of Takanawahara (also known as the Seige of Edo), Hôjô Ujitsuna defeats Ota Suketaka, a Uesugi vassal, expanding Hôjô power deeper into the Kanto.


    December Oûchi forces expand further into Aki.


  • Go-Nara becomes emperor.

  • The Hôjô and Satomi come to blows over Kamakura, ushering in almost sixty years of hostility between those two clans.

  • Shimazu Sanehisa marches against Shimazu Katsuhisa and drives him out of Satsuma.

  • Shimazu Katsuhisa is succeded by Takahisa.


  • The Oûchi and Amako clash in Bingo province.

    1528 - First year of Kyôroku

  • Oûchi Yoshioki dies and is succeded by Yoshitaka.


  • Uesugi Terutora (Kenshin) is born.

  • Ôtomo Sôrin is born.

  • Kano Masanobu (b.1434), founder of the Kano (Tosa) school of painting, dies.


  • Hosokawa Takakuni is defeated at Amagaseki (Settsu) by Hosokawa Harumoto and commits suicide.

  • A civil war breaks out within the Honganji leadership of Kaga province.

    1532 - First year of Temmon

  • Hosokawa Harumoto and the Ishiyama Honganji monto force Miyoshi Motonaga to commit suicide.


  • Môri Terumoto, grandson of Môri Motonari, is born.


  • Oda Nobunaga is born in Nagoya castle on the 5th month, 12th day and given the name 'Kippôshi'.

  • Hosokawa Fujitaka is born.


  • Nagao Tamekage, the Uesugi's Echigo govenor, is defeated and killed in battle by the Kaga Ikko-ikki at Sendanno.

  • Go-Nara finally recieves an official enthronement ceremony, thanks in part to funding from Oûchi Yoshitaka.

  • The Tenmon Hokke Disturbance occurs. Troops backed by Mt. Hiei and the Honganji attack Kyoto and burn most of the Nichiren temples within


  • Imagawa Yoshimoto wins a power struggle with his brothers and assumes control of Suruga following the death of his father Ujichika.

  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi is born.


  • Hôjô Ujitsuna defeats Satomi Yoshitaka and Ashikaga Yoshiaki at the 1st Battle of Konodai in Musashi province.


  • Miyoshi Chokei leads an army into Kyoto.

  • The Oûchi clan assumes control of all 'official' trade with China.

    October 9 Iriki-in Shigetoshi captures Momotsugi (Satsuma) from Shimazu Sanehisa.


    October Amako Akihisa unsuccesfully attempts to capture Môri Motonari's Koriyama Castle in Aki province through seige.

    October Satomi Yoshitaka turns back a Hôjô push into Awa Province.

    November Sue Takafusa (Harukata) arrives with an Oûchi relief army and relieves Koriyama.

  • Oda Nobuhide captures Anjo castle in Mikawa.

  • Nanbu Harumasa clashes with the Tozawa clan in northern Mutsu.


  • Amako Tsunehisa dies and is succeded by Amako Haruhisa.

    (Summer) Ouchi Yoshitaka and Môri Motonari invade the Amako's territory in Iwami and Izumo.

    July Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] seizes power in Kai from his father, Nobutora. Nobutora is taken in by Imagawa Yoshimoto.


    January Oûchi Yoshitaka and Môri Motonari lay siege to Amako Akihisa at Gassan-Toda castle in Izumo province.

    April Takeda Shingen defeats an allied army of Shinano warlords at Sezawa in Shinano and begins a campaign into southern Shinano.

  • Hôjô Ujiyasu begins a series of aggresive land surveys within the Hôjô domain.

    September Oda Nobuhide defeats Imagawa Yoshimoto in the 1st Battle of Azukizaka in Mikawa province.


    January Tokugawa Ieyasu is born

    January The Oûchi attempt to bring down Gassan - Toda ends in failure.

  • Portugese sailors shipwreck on Tanegashima Island, becoming the first Europeans encountered by the Japanese.

  • Kennyo (Honganji) Kosa is born.

  • Miyoshi Chokei defeats Hosokawa Ujitsuna and captures Sakai in Settsu province.

  • The noted painter Kano Eitoku is born.


  • The Ôuchi attack Iyo Province but are repulsed at Ômishima.

    November Takeda Shingen defeats Fujisawa Yorichika at Ina-Matsushima in Shinano Province.

    November 23 The Ryûzôji clan fails on its attack of Matsuura.


  • Ashikaga Yoshiharu abdicates. His son Yoshiteru becomes the 13th Ashikaga Shôgun.

    April 20 Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] seiges Fukuzawa Yorichika's main castle, Fukuyo, in Ina district.

    May 15 Hatakeyama Tanenaga (born 1503), Shugo of Kawachi and lord of Takaya castle, dies.

    June Hosokawa Harumoto defeats Hosokawa Ujitsuna near Kyoto at Uji.

    June Fujizawa Yorichika sends his younger brother, Gonjiro, to Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] as a hostage, and surrenders. His castle is burned the same day.

    June After Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] captures Ina district, he advances his army to Shiojiri, Tsukama district.

    July Imagawa Yoshimoto makes the decision to subjugate Hôjô Ujiyasu, he departs the Imagawa mansion in Sumpu, and takes up a position at the Zentokuji temple in Suruga.

    August 15 Yamanaka Shikanosuke is born in Mikawa province, seond son of Mikawa no Kami Mitsuyuki.

    September Imagawa Yoshimoto and Hôjô Ujiyasu confront one another in Suruga; the Takeda arrive to support the Imagawa and Ujiyasu retreats.

    September 20 Matsudaira Hirotada is defeated by Oda Nobuhide in an attempt to recapture Yasuyoshi castle in Mikawa.

    October The Uesugi and Ashikaga surround the Hôjô's Kawagoe Castle in Musashi.

    November The Hôjô and Imagawa make peace through the mediation of Takeda Shingen.
    Mori Motonari's wife dies at age 47.


  • Kuroda Kanbei is born at Himeji in Harima.

  • Yamanaka Shikanosuke's father, Mikawa no Kami Mitsuyuki, dies at age 27.

  • Oda Nobunaga takes the name 'Saburô Nobunaga'.

    March Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] attacks Murakami Yoshikiyo's Toishi castle in Shinano, but is defeated at Uenohara.

    May Hôjô Ujiyasu wins a decisive victory at Kawagoe Fort over the allied factions of the Uesugi family. Following this battle, the Hôjô are supreme in the Kanto region.
    Takeda Harunobu [Shingen] attacks Uchiyama castle in Shinano. The seige lasts 11 days, until the lord of the castle, Ooi Sadakiyo surrenders.

    August Ota Sukemasa takes Matsuyama Castle in Musashi in a night attack.


  • Saitô Dôsan defeats an army under Oda Nobuhide at Kanoguchi in Owari.

  • Nagao Kagetora [Uesugi Kenshin] defeats Nagao Harukage and assumes power in Echigo.

  • Oda Nobunaga participates in his first campaign, in Mikawa province.


    September Takeda Shingen suffers a defeat at the hands of Murakami Yoshikiyo in the first Japanese battle in which guns are employed (in this case, by the Murakami and of Chinese manufacture)

  • Miyoshi Chokei defeats his chief rival in the Miyoshi, his uncle, Masanaga

  • Honda Tadakatsu is born

  • Imagawa Yoshimoto attacks Oda Nobuhide on behalf of Matsudaira Hirotada.

  • Oda Nobuhide makes peace with Saitô Dôsan, and receives a daughter for marriage to Nobunaga.


  • In the Siege of Kajiki, Shimazu Takahisa is the first samurai warlord to use European guns in action.

  • Miyoshi Chokei takes Miyake Castle from the Hosokawa, former masters of the Miyoshi.

    August 15 Francis Xavier founds first Catholic Mission in Japan, on the southern island of Kyûshû

  • Oda Nobuhide of Owari dies and is eventually succeded by Nobunaga.

  • Matsudaira Hirotada of Mikawa is killed and is eventually succeded by [Tokugawa] Ieyasu. At this time, Ieyasu returns to Okazaki castle from imprisonment by Oda Nobuhiro.

    December Oda Nobunaga agress to exchange the infant Tokugawa Ieyasu for the life of Oda Nobuhiro with the Imagawa.


  • Ôtomo Yoshinori is assassinated and his son, Yoshishige (Sôrin) becomes the new daimyo of Bungo.

  • Môri Motonari secures control of the Kobayakawa and Kikkawa families.


  • Oûchi Yoshitaka is overthrown by Sue Harukata and commits suicide. He is replaced by Ôtomo (Oûchi) Yoshinaga, through whom Sue now rules the Oûchi

  • Uesugi Norimasa is defeated by the Hôjô and flees to Echigo, where he is forced to name Nagao Kagetora (Uesugi Kenshin) his heir.

  • Ôtomo Sôrin defeats Kikuchi Yoshimune of Higo.


  • Asakura Norikage dies and is succeded by Yoshikage


    Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin confront each other for the first time in the 1st Battle of Kawanakajima in Shinano province - also known as the Battle of Fuse.

  • Nobunaga and Saitô Dôsan meet at a temple in Owari Province


  • Ryûzôji Takanobu overthrows Shôni Tokinao in Hizen.

    June The Hatakeyama and Nukui defeat the Yusa at the Battle of Ôtsuki in Noto Province.

    June 1 Môri Motonari challenges Sue Harukata and defeats one of his armies at Oshikihata.

    1555 - First year of Kôji

    October 1 Môri Motonari defeats Sue Harukata at the Battle of Miyajima, a victory that makes certain the Môri rise to supremacy in Western Honshu

    November Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen conduct the 2nd Battle of Kawanakajima, also known as the Battle of the Saigawa.


  • Saitô Dôsan is defeated and killed by his adopted son Yoshitatsu at the Battle of the Nagaragawa in Mino.


  • Môri Motonari forces Ôuchi Yoshinaga to commit suicide and occupies Suo province.

  • The Môri and Ôtomo begin a four-year struggle for Moji Castle in Buzen province.

  • Ôtomo Sôrin defeats Akizuki Kiyotane and expands into Chikuzen.

  • Oda Nobuyuki and Shibata Katsuie plot against Oda Nobunaga in Owari. Though Shibata is spared, Nobuyuki is killed.

    1558 - First year of Eiroku

  • Tokugawa Ieyasu engineers a victory over Oda Nobunaga for Imagawa Yoshimoto at Terabe Castle.


  • Takeda Shingen's conquest of Shinano largely completed.

  • Chinese General Ch'i Chi-kuang heads a campaign to suppress the Japanese pirate (wako) element along the Chinese coast which continues until 1567.

  • Miyoshi Chokei captures Hosokawa Harumoto; Harumoto is spared and retires to a temple in Settsu.

  • Oda Nobunaga defeats Oda Nobukata at the battle of Iwakura Castle. The same year, he enters Kyôto and is granted an audience with Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru. Two months later, he meets with Nagao Kagetora.

    September Matsunaga Hisahide and the Miyoshi enter Yamato Province and clash with the Tsutsui and others.


    May Satake Yoshiaki urges Uesugi Kenshin to attack the Hôjô family.

    June 19 Oda Nobunaga defeats Imagawa Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama. Ieyasu returns to Okazaki castle.

    July Oda Nobunaga invades Mino Province and clashes with the Ichihashi family (vassals of the Saitô).

    September Uesugi Kenshin attacks the Hôjô lands in the Kanto.

  • Asai Hisamasa of north Ômi is forced to retire in favor of his son, Nagamasa.

  • Saitô Yoshitatsu defeats Oda troops near the Sunomata River.


    June Uesugi Kenshin besieges Hôjô Ujiyasu in Odawara but retreats after two months.

    June Saitô Yoshitatsu dies of leprosy and is succeded by Tatsuoki. Only three days later the Saitô are defeated at the Battle of Moribe by Oda Nobunaga.

    October Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin fight the inconclusive 4th Battle of Kawanakajima, the greatest of their contests.

    November Môri Motonari and Ôtomo Sôrin battle for Môji Castle in Buzen Province.

    November The Satomi navy operates against the Hôjô off Muira (Sagami Province).
    December Uesugi Kenshin clashes with Hôjô forces at Matsuyama Castle in Musashi Province.

  • Date Harumune of Mutsu dies and is succeded by his son, Date Terumune.


  • Tokugawa Ieyasu breaks from the Imagawa family

  • Amako Haruhisa [Akihisa] dies and is succeded by Yoshihisa.

  • Kato Kiyomasa is born.

  • Oda Nobunaga allies with Matsudaira Motoyasu (Ieyasu).


  • Uesugi Norikatsu is defeated by Takeda Shingen and Hôjô Ujiyasu at Musashi-Matsuyama in Musashi province.

  • Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats the monto of Mikawa.

  • Ômura Sumitada of Hizen province (Kyushu) becomes the 1st daimyo to be baptized.

    October Môri Motonari captures Shiraga Castle (Izumo province) from the Amako.


  • In the 2nd Battle of Konodai in Musashi, Hôjô Ujiyasu defeats Satomi Yoshihiro.

    August Miyoshi Chokei dies and is succeded by Yoshitsugu.

    September Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen fight the 5th and final Battle of Kawanakajima.


    June 17 Ashikaga Yoshiteru, the 13th Ashikaga shogun, is forced to commit suicide when attacked in his palace by troops sent by Miyoshi Yoshitsugu and Matsunaga Hisahide.

    September Môri Motonari besieges Gassan-Toda (Izumo), the Amako headquarters.

  • Takeda Yoshinobu conspires against his father Shingen in Kai but is discovered and later made to commit suicide.

  • Môri Takamoto, Môri Motonari's heir, dies.

  • Satake Yoshiaki of Hitachi Province dies of illness. His son Yoshishige succeded him three previously.


    January Amako Yoshihisa surrenders to Môri Motonari and is sent into exile.

  • Date Masamune is born.

  • Ashikaga Yoshiaki gives up a Buddhist priesthood and begins seeking out a patron to name him the rightful Shôgun.

  • Shimazu Takahisa retires in favor of his son Yoshihisa.

    December Uesugi Kenshin campaigns against the Hôjô in northern Musashi.


    October Oda Nobunaga captures Inabayama and takes Mino from Saito Tatsuoki.

  • The court awards Matsudaira Ieyasu the right to the family name 'Tokugawa'.

  • The Todaiji of Nara is burned during fighting between the Miyoshi and Matsunaga.


  • Oda Nobunaga moves his headquarters to Inabayama and renames the castle Gifu.

  • Môri Motonari reinstates Kono Michinao in Iyo after the latter is forced to flee by Utsunomiya Toyotsuna.

  • Ito Yoshisuke takes Obi in southern Hyuga.

    November 7 Oda Nobunaga enters Kyoto and installs Ashikaga Yoshiaki as Shôgun.

    December Oda forces under Shibata Katsuie defeat the Miyoshi and Matsunaga at Sakai (Settsu).

  • The Takeda and Imagawa clans begin fighting.


    January The Miyoshi attack Ashikaga Yoshiaki at the Honkokuji in Kyoto.

    April Luis Frois mets with Oda Nobunaga in Kyoto.

    August Yamanaka Shikanosuke clashes with Môri forces in Izumo Province.

    September Shimazu Yoshihisa takes Oguchi Castle in Ôsumi from the Hishikari.

    September Chosokabe Motochika defeats the Aki Clan of Tosa and begins his efforts to take all of Shikoku.

    October Môri and Ôtomo forces clash near Hakata in Chikuzen Province.

    November Takeda Shingen surrounds Odawara Castle in Sagami; around a week later Shingen retreats and in the process defeats a Hôjô army at the Battle of Mimasetoge.

    November Oda Nobunaga defeats Kitabatake Tomonori of Ise and forces him to submit; soon after he abolishes Ise's toll barriers.

    November 23 Hojo Ujimasa repairs Odawara castle.

    December Môri Motonari withdraws his army from Chikuzen Province.

    1570 - First year of Genki

    January Takeda Shingen leads an army into Suruga Province.

    February Takeda Shingen takes Hanzawa Castle from Ôhara Sukeyoshi.

    April Oda Nobunaga visits Kyoto and prepares a campaign against Asakura Yoshikage.

    May Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu march against Asakura Yoshikage of Echizen; Nobunaga is betrayed by Asai Nagamasa, his brother-in-law and is forced to retreat.

    June Takeda Shingen clashes with Hôjô and Imagawa troops in Suruga Province.

    July 30 Nobunaga and Tokugawa defeat the forces of the Asai and Asakura clans at Anegawa in Ômi; afterwards Nobunaga makes an effort to bring down the Asai's Odani Castle but withdraws after about a week.

    August Nobunaga initiates hostilities with the Ishiyama Honganji.

  • Hôjô Ujiyasu dies and is succeded by Ujimasa.

  • Nobunaga gains control of Sakai (Settsu).

    August The Battle of Imayama: Ôtomo troops are defeated by a Ryûzôji army led by Nabeshima Naoshige. This victory allows Ryûzôji Takanobu to extend his power in Hizen.

    December Oda Nobunaga attacks the Nagashima monto.


    May Oda Nobunaga lays siege to the Nagashima Ikko stronghold in Ise.

  • Shimazu Takahisa dies.

  • Nagasaki is established as a foreign trading post by the Portuguese.

    August Tokugawa Ieyasu takes Nagashino (Mikawa) from Suganuma Sadayoshi.

  • Môri Motonari dies and is succeded by his grandson, Môri Terumoto

  • Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin face each other for the last time at the Tone River (Kozuke).

    October 20 Oda Nobunaga destroys the Enryaku-Ji monastic complex on Mt. Hiei.


    January Takeda Shingen and the Hôjô make peace; the latter breaks off relations with the Uesugi.

    April Oda Nobunaga defeats the remnants of the Rokkaku family in Ômi Province.

    May Ryûzôji Takanobu forces the surrender of Tsukushi Hirokado of Chikuzen.

    June Shimazu Yoshihisa defeats Ito Yoshisuke at the Battle of Kizakihara in Hyûga province.

    September Oda Nobunaga makes an attack on Odani, the Asai's headquarters.

    November Takeda Shingen leads his army into the Tokugawa domain.

    November Uesugi Kenshin clashes with rioting ikko-ikki in Etchû Province.

    December Akiyama Nobutomo, a Takeda retainer, captures Iwamura Castle in Mino from the Oda.

    1573 - First year of Tenshô

    January 6 Takeda Shingen defeats Tokugawa Ieyasu at the Battle of Mikatagahara.

    May 3 Oda Nobunaga surrounds Kyoto and forces Ashikaga Yoshiaki to abandon his first attempt at rebellion.

    May 13 Takeda Shingen dies and is succeded by Katsuyori.

    July Nobunaga makes an unsuccessful attack on the Nagashima monto.

    August 18 Nobunaga reduces Ashikaga Yoshiaki’s stronghold on the Uji River after the shogun rebels; Yoshiaki is then sent into exile-making him the 15th and last Ashikaga shogun.

    September Nobunaga surrounds Asai Nagamasa in Odani and defeats an Asakura relief effort.

    September 16 Asakura Yoshikage commits suicide after Oda Nobunaga defeats his army and enters Echizen. Asai Nagamasa commits suicide in Odani soon afterwards.

  • Chosokabe Motochika defeats Ichijo Kanesada and becomes the lord of Tosa Province.

  • Ukita Naoie destroys the Urakami family and becomes lord of Bizen.


    March Takeda Katsuyori captures Taketenjin Castle in Tôtômi from Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    May Ikko-ikki sieze power in Echizen.

    July Oda Nobunaga besieges Nagashima.

    July Satomi Yoshitaka of Awa dies.

    August Nobunaga blockades and sets fire to the main Nagashima fortress, killing around 20,000.

  • Oda forces take Itami Castle from the Ikeda clan in Settsu.


    May Oda Nobunaga campaigns against the Miyoshi in Settsu Province.

    June 28 Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu defeat Takeda Katsuyori at the Battle of Nagashino. 10,000 Takeda warriors are slain.

    September The Oda defeat the Honganji's supporters in Echizen, which is given to Shibata Katsuie.

  • Kobayakawa Takakage and Ukita Naoie defeated Mimura Motochika of Bingp Province and force him to commit suicide.


  • Oda Nobunaga's Azuchi Castle is completed in Omi.

  • Oda Nobunaga begins a four-year siege of the Ishiyama Honganji and comes into conflict with the Môri. While the Honganji is blockaded, troops under Toyotomi (Hashiba) Hideyoshi and Akechi Mitsuhide are sent westward through the Chugoku region.

    April Nobunaga is defeated by the Môri in the 1st Battle of Kizugawaguchi - a naval contest off the coast of settsu.

  • Shibata Katsuie orders a 'sword hunt' in Echizen.


    March Nobunaga attacks the Negoroji and Saiga monks of Kii.

    September 28 Matsunaga Hisahide revolts against Oda Nobunaga and is forced to commit suicide after he is besieged in Shigi Castle (Yamato).

    October Uesugi Kenshin occupies Noto Province.

    November Uesugi Kenshin defeats Oda Nobunaga at the Battle of the Tedorigawa in Kaga.

    December Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi attacks Kôzuki Castle in Harima Province.


    January Shimazu Yoshihisa forces Ito Yoshisuke to flee to Bungo.

    April 13 Uesugi Kenshin dies; his adopted sons Kagetora and Kagekatsu struggle for power.

  • Toyotomi (Hashiba) Hideyoshi captures Kozuki Castle in Harima for Oda Nobunaga.

  • In the 2nd Battle of Kizugawaguchi, Oda warships under Kûki Yoshitaka defeat those of the Môri and secure a naval blockade of the Ishiyama Honganji.

  • Kosaka Masanobu, part-compiler of the Koyo Gunkan, dies

    August 28 Ôtomo Sôrin is baptized as 'Francis'

  • Hideyoshi lays siege to Bessho Nagaharu in Miki Castle (Harima).

    November Araki Murashige of Itami Castle in Settsu revolts against Nobunaga

    December 10 Shimazu Yoshihisa wins a decisive victory over the Ôtomo clan at the Battle of Mimigawa in Hyûga.


    June 21 Oda Nobunaga presides over the 'Azuchi Religious Debate', between the Nichiren and Jodo.

  • Uesugi Kagekatsu and Uesugi Kagetora struggle for power in Echigo - Kagetora is forced to commit suicide.

    October An attempt by the Oda to subdue Iga province fails.

    October The Takeda and Hôjô confront one another near Numzu Castle in Suruga Province


    April The Takeda and Hôjô fight the land/sea Battle of Omosu.

    June 9 Nagasaki is officially ceded to the Jesuits by the Ômura

    September The Ishiyama Honganji surrenders to Oda Nobunaga.

  • Miki Castle surrenders to Hideyoshi.

  • Yamana Toyokuni of Inaba submits to Oda Nobunaga

  • Kono Michinao is defeated by Chosokabe Motochika and flees Iyo.

    December Oda forces, commanded by Shibata Katsuie, advance against the Ikko-ikki of Kaga.


  • Tokugawa Ieyasu recaptures Taketenjin Castle in Tôtômi from Takeda Katsuyori

  • Oda forces take Etchu from the Uesugi

    September Oda Nobunaga clashes with the warrior monks of Mt. Koya.

    September 17 Sagara Yoshiaki of Higo province surrenders to Shimazu Yoshihisa.

  • [Toyotomi] Hideyoshi takes the Môri's Tottori Castle in Bitchu after a 200-day siege

    October The Oda clan conquers Iga province.


    April Toyotomi (Hashiba) Hideyoshi lays siege to Takamatsu, a Môri fortress in Bingo.

    May Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu invade Kai and Shinano - Takeda Katsuyori commits suicide.

    June 20 Oda Nobunaga is killed by his vassal, Akechi Mitsuhide, at the Honnoji Temple in Kyoto.

    June 25 Hideyoshi arranges for the surrender of Takamatsu, then marches against Akechi.

    July 2 Hideyoshi defeats Akechi Mitushide at the Battle of Yamazaki (Settsu)- the latter is killed soon afterwards.

  • Chosokabe Motochika defeats Sogo Masayasu at Nakatomigawa in Awa, nearly completing the Chosokabe's conquest of the island of Shikoku

    (Fall) Tokugawa Ieyasu absorbs Kai and Shinano, defeating a Hôjô invasion of the former

  • Ukita Naoie of Bizen dies and is ultimately succeded by Ukita Hideie.


    May [Toyotomi] Hideyoshi defeats Shibata Katsuie's troops at Shizugatake in Omi. Katsuie commits suicide soon afterwards and Echizen passes to the Niwa.

  • Oda Nobutaka is besieged in Gifu by Toyotomi troops and commits suicide


    May 5 The Shimazu and Arima defeat Ryûzôji Takanobu at Okitanawate in Hizen; Takanobu is killed in action.

    The Komaki Campaign: Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu come to blows over Oda Nobuo's right to succeed Nobunaga.

    April 26 Hideyoshi leads an army into Owari.

    May 15 Tokugawa troops win the Battle of Nagakute.

    June Hideyoshi withdraws from the Komaki area to attack Oda Nobuo.

    July Sasa Narimasa raises troops against Hideyoshi in Etchu and is attacked by Maeda Toshiie.


    January Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu formally make peace.

    April Hideyoshi subdues the Saiga monto of Kii.

    June Hideyoshi invades Shikoku with roughly 100,000 men.

    July 25 Chosokabe Motochika surrenders and has his holdings reduced to Tosa province.

    August 6 Hideyoshi is named Kampaku by the court. Hideyoshi also names five administrators (Bugyo) to govern Kyoto. Included are Ishida Mitsunari and Asano Nagamasa.

  • Tokugawa Ieyasu dispatches an abortive expedition against Sanada Masayuki of Shinano.

  • Hideyoshi issues an edict abolishing merchant

  • Emperor Ogimachi abdicates in favor of Go-Yozei.

  • Date Terumune is killed by Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu. He is succeded by his son, Date Masamune

    September 29 Sassa Narimasa surrenders Etchu to Hideyoshi.

    October 31 Hideyoshi adopts the family name 'Toyotomi'.

    November Date Masamune defeats an allied army consisting of the Hatakeyama, Ashina, and Satake in the siege of Motomiya in Mutsu.

    November 12 Hideyoshi orders Shimazu Yoshihisa to cease hostilities with the Ôtomo.

    December 10 Tokugawa retainer Ishikawa Kazumasa suddenly deserts Ieyasu for Hideyoshi.


  • Kikkawa Motoharu dies.

  • Sanada Yukimura is sent to Hideyoshi in Osaka castle as a hostage.

    November The Shimazu invade Bungo, the last Ôtomo territory.

    December An early attempt by troops sent by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to aid the Ôtomo ends in failure at the Hetsugi River in Bungo.


    January Hideyoshi accepts the title of Daijo daijin, becoming only the third warrior (after Taira Kiyomori and Ashikaga Yoshimitsu) to hold this title.

    The Kyushu Campaign

    January Toyotomi Hidenaga leads the main Toyotomi army into Kyûshû.

    January 24 The Shimazu occupy Funai (Bungo) but quickly abandon the city before the Toyotomi army.

    February Toyotomi Hideyoshi leads another army onto Kyûshû, increasing the overall Toyotomi strength to nearly 170,000 men.

    June 6 Hideyoshi defeats the Shimazu at the Battle of the Sendai River.

    June 14 The Shimazu surrender. Yoshihisa is forced to retire but his family retains Satsuma, Osumi, and part of Hyuga.

  • Kanamori Nagachika destroys Anegakoji Koretsuna of Hida after the latter defies Hideyoshi

  • Ôtomo Sôrin dies.

    July 24 Hideyoshi issues first Christian Expulsion edict.

    November 1-10 Toyotomi Hideyoshi holds the Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony.


    (Spring) The ‘Higo Rebellion’ occurs; Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders Sasa Narimasa to commit suicide as a result.

  • Hideyoshi sends envoys to Hôjô Ujimasa requesting his presence in the capital and offers the implicit promise of a confirmation of Hôjô holdings in the Kanto.

    August Hideyoshi orders the great 'Sword Hunt' across Toyotomi Japan


    June 5 Date Masamune soundly defeats the Ashina clan at the battle of Suriage-ga-hara.

  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders preperations to be made for a campaign against the Hôjô.


    May Toyotomi troops begin invading the Kanto.

    June Toyotomi Hideyoshi lays siege to the Hôjô family at Odawara (Sagami), employing over 200,000 troops in the effort.

    August 12 Odawara capitulates; Hôjô Ujimasa commits suicide.

    September Tokugawa Ieyasu arrives at Edo Castle, his new headquarters. The Tokugawa clan is completly relocated to the Kanto over the course of the next twelve months.

  • Noted painter Kano Eitoku (b.1543) dies.


  • Toyotomi troops capture Kunoe Castle in north Mutsu - officially marking the completion of Hideyoshi's conquest of Japan.

    January Toyotomi Hideyoshi informs Korean diplomats that he intends to conquer China.

    March Hideyoshi orders tea-master Sen no Rikyu to commit suicide.

    April Korea refuses to allow transit for Japanese forces in an invasion of China.

  • Hashiba [Toyotomi] Hidenaga, Hideyoshi's half-brother, dies.

  • Hideyoshi adopts Toyotomi Hidetsugu.

    July A second attempt to secure Korean cooperation in an invasion of China fails.

    August Hideyoshi orders preperations for an invasion of Korea.

    September Hideyoshi orders a strict distinction between warriors and commoners and forbids any further mobility from one class to another.

    1592 - First year of Bunroku

    February 11 Toyotomi Hideyoshi retires as Kampaku and assumes the title Taiko.

    The First Invasion of Korea

    April 13 Japanese forces land on Korean soil and capture Pusan.

    April 15 Konishi Yukinaga captures Tongnae, a fortress north of Pusan.

    April 27 Konishi Yukinaga captures Ch'ungju and marches on Seoul.

    May Konishi Yukinaga and Kato Kiyomasa occupy Seoul.

    May 7 Korean 'turtle ships' under Admiral Yi Sun Shin sink 26 Japanese vessels near Okpo; by May 8 Yi sinks a further 18 ships.

    June 16 Konishi's division occupies P'yongyang.

    July 8 Yi Sun Shin routs a Japanese fleet near Hansando, sinking 47 ships and capturing 12.

    July 19 Kato Kiyomasa wins the Battle of Haejongch'ang in his north-eastern advance.

    October 4-10 Japanese troops under Hosokawa Tadaoki fail to take Chinju, a fortress northwest of Pusan.

    (Fall) China intervenes and attempts to recapture P'yongyang.

  • Hideyoshi assumes the title Taiko, or Retired Regent.

  • Kennyo [Honganji] Kosa dies


    February Japanese forces abandon P'yongyang to the Chinese; samurai under Kobayakawa Takakage defeat a Chinese army in a rear-guard action at Byokchekwan.

    June 21 The Japanese capture Chinju.

    August Fighting in Korea largely ends after negotiations begin.

    September Toyotomi Hideyori is born.

  • Hideyoshi strips Ôtomo Yoshimune of his lands for cowardice in Korea.


    Toyotomi Hideyoshi builds Momoyama Castle


    August Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders his nephew Hidetsugu to commit suicide and slaughters his family.


    October The Spanish galleon San Felipe is shipwrecked on the coast of Shikoku, setting the stage for a crisis between Hideyoshi and the foreigners.


    The Second Invasion of Korea

    March 19 Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders a resumption of the war in Korea. Ukita Hideie is placed in overall command.

    August 17 Japanese troops capture Namwon.

    September 19 The 'miracle at Myongyang': 16 ships under Yi Sun Shin defeat a Japanese fleet of 133 vessels.

    (Fall) Kato Kiyomasa and Asano Yukinaga are besieged in Ulsan. The seige continues into the following Spring.


    August Hideyoshi establishes a council of regents (Tokugawa Ieyasu, Meada Toshiie, Môri Terumoto, Ukita Hideie, and Uesugi Kagekatsu)to rule while Hideyori comes of age.

    September 18 Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies.

    October Japanese forces are ordered to prepare for a complete withdrawal from Korea.

    November 19 Yi Sun Shin dies securing the final Korean naval victory of the war at Noryang.

  • Uesugi Kagekatsu is transfered from Echigo to Aizu, a fief worth 1,000,000 koku.


    April Meada Toshiie dies.

  • Chosokabe Motochika dies and is succeeded by Morichika


    The Sekigahara Campaign

    August Uesugi Kagekatsu clashes with Date Masamune and Mogami Yoshiaki.

    August 17 The 'Western' leaders gather at Sawayama (Omi).

    August 22 Ishida Mitsunari issues a statement denouncing Tokugawa Ieyasu; Ieyasu responds with preparations for war.

    August 27 Western forces besiege Fushimi Castle.

    September 6 Fushimi Castle falls to the Western forces.

    September 28 Eastern forces led by Fukushima Masamori and Ikeda Terumasa capture Gifu (Mino).

    October 7 Tokugawa Ieyasu leads an army west from Edo (Musashi).

    October 12 Tokugawa Hidetada lays siege to Sanada Masayuki's Ueda Castle (Shinano).

    October 21 Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats Ishida Mitsunari at the Battle of Sekigahara.

    November 6 Ishida Mitsunari is executed in Kyoto.


    March 24 Tokugawa Ieyasu becomes Shôgun of Japan


    Tokugawa Ieyasu retires as Shôgun in favor of Hidetada.