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Samurai in the Fog

By M. Anderson

A man walked out of the a house. His name was Mitsurugi. It had rained earlier that morning and the air was moist. Two men walked up to him. Who are you said the men angrily. One of the men said were looking for a man named Hattori. He was last seen in our town and he killed three men for there money. Know one new who Hattori was,but one man and that man was killed by Hattori the next morning. The men said that they have not seen him. Mitsurugi said 'I'm not Hattori I'm Mitsurugi, but if you're looking for a fight then face me. The men said 'on your knees your coming with us'. The men ran toward him. Mitsurugi sliced them both. The bodies fell onto the wet muddy grass.

Mitsurugi walked away with no regret at all. He new more would come for him. Mitsurugi traveled to the next town. He asked an elderly man if he could stay the night. Mitsurugi had no money so he offered to carry logs across the hill for fire wood. There was a reward for Hattori's head. It was allot of money. It was late. Mitsurugi walked around out side. The air was cool and there was very little wind. Mitsurugi walked along the woods and he felt the presence of something eerie. Six Ninjas leaped out of the tree's. The Ninjas surrounded him. One of the Ninjas leaped at him. Mitsurugi stepped swiftly to the side and sliced his head off. The head rolled into a puddle of water and the body fell back into a side of the tree. three more Ninjas ran at him. Mitsurugi jumped and cut his head down the center. Then he ducked and cut the others stomach's open. Moisture looked around there was six bodies lying in pieces and cuts in them.

Mitsurugi walked back to the elderly man's house to sleep.he walked very carefully. It was earlier that morning when the sun had came out just over that hill which he carried logs up. He went up the hill and sat down. The air was cool it felt good and refreshing. There was this great feeling of power in him and everything looked graceful. It was like nothing in the world mattered,but what he was looking at. He saw people working and children playing. He sat there for a long time embracing the view. Mitsurugi stood up and walked to the house. He new they called him the Fog Samurai because know one could kill him. mitsu thought on how he would kill him, but he couldn't think how he would. it was strange for him not to know how to fight him. Mitsurugi started to think about the old man who didnt have much and old man had little food. It was time. Mitsurugi walked into the woods. he had a hint from a begger that he hides in he woods. As he entered he heard a soft wistle in the woods. He walked further in. There was a man sitting on a rock meditating. Mitsurugi walked about ten feet from him and waited. Hattori still meditated. Soon Hattori said 'I'm ready to face you'.

Hattori ran at him and started to attack. They were equaly mached. It seemed like a long time and all they had done was attach and defend they were equaly matched. Now all they could do was fight till one got tired and made a mistake. As they faught Hattori made a mistake and was sliced in the shoulder. Mitsurugi swung his katana at his neck and Mitsurgi stopped before he killed him and Hattori dropped his katana. Hattori got on his knees. mitsurugi lifted and cut off Hattori's head. He knew why Hattori wanted a Honorable death and he understud his reason. It was like he knew Hattori for a long time. Mitsurugi told the officers that he had killed Hattori and he showed him the body. Mitsurugi gave the money to the old man that had gaven him shelter and bowed and walked away. The old man had thanked him. The old man had realized that there was still hope for a new life and begining.