From the Koshu Hatto no Shidai 1547+


  • Without a secret understanding with the daimyo, no one is permitted to send messages and letters to another province. However, of necessity, communications by the samurai residents (kokujin) of the Province of Shinano may be continued, as long as they are known to us to be engaged in devising a stratagem. Those who live on the border, who are accustomed to exchanging letters, need not be prohibited from doing so.

  • Concerning the land granted by a daimyo (onchi), even it may have undergone two phases of a natural disaster, both flood and drought, one must not expect a change of land. One must serve the daimyo diligently and in proportion to the amount produced from his land (bunryô). Even placed in adverse conditions, if one can discharge his duties exceptionally well, he may then be given suitable land [in it's place].

  • Anyone who marries outside of the province, by contracting to take possesion of another's estate (shoryû), or to send his retainers for the service of another, creates the causes for a great disturbance. Therefore, such a marriage is strictly forbidden. If anyone disobeys this injunction, a severe admonisment shall be rendered.

  • Exchanging oaths privately by relatives and retainers is tantamount to treason. However, on the battlefield, it is permissible to enter into a compact, so as to encourage loyalty.

  • The Pure Land Sect and Nichiren Band () are not permitted to engage in religious controversy within our domain (bunkoku). If there are people who encourage such controversies, both the priests and their parishioners will be punished.

  • Pay proper reverence to the gods and the Buddha. When your thoughts are in accord with the Buddha's, you will gain more power. If your domination over others issues from your evil thoughts, you will be exposed, you are doomed. Next, devote yourselves to the study of Zen. Zen has no secrets other than seriously thinking about birth-and-death.