Master of Ecstasy

By Sedonia Guillone

“No, Hideyuki-san! You must not enter into manlove with Commander Masanao.” Kobayashi’s eyes were wide with fear.
Hideyuki studied the other samurai’s face in the dance of firelight. He rubbed his chin, badly in need of a shave, with thumb and forefinger. “And why not?” His own interview with the commander was for the following afternoon.
Kobayashi leaned toward him, bottom lip trembling. “Because he is perverse.” That last word blended with a shower of sparks from their campfire.
Hideyuki’s hand went to the hilt of his wakizashi, but then slipped away. Not only was it illegal to draw one’s weapon, there was no honor in slaying a worm like Kobayashi no matter what slander he put forth. The truth of Masanao’s character was evident in the dark pierce of his almond-shaped eyes, in his aristocratically rounded features and broad-shouldered stance. No other samurai was as fine or as handsome as Commander Masanao and Hideyuki had sworn to himself at age thirteen that when he found the samurai he could truly follow, he would submit to him, body and soul.
After thirteen years of watching Masanao advance in the ranks, and then serving in his unit when he came of age, Hideyuki was positive he’d found that warrior.
He narrowed his eyes at Kobayashi. Like so many of their class, the man was a samurai in title only. The warrior’s code, bushido, was not in him and Hideyuki could only guess that Kobayashi’s intense physical beauty alone had won him an interview with the commander. After all, Masanao was human and most humans, male and female, were taken with Kobayashi at first. “Tell me of this perversion, Kobayashi-san,” he said. “That way, I can never claim I wasn’t warned.”
Kobayashi swallowed hard and sat back on his haunches. “Masanao does not merely seek a companion to replace Kazuhiro.”
And why would he? Hideyuki pictured the commander with his kimono open, his tall broad body all smooth golden muscle. Masanao needs faith, service…loyalty. Kazuhiro was a fine swordsman as well as a faithful companion. However his time to marry and produce children had come and Masanao had obviously grieved the loss of his lover since he’d waited nearly two whole years to find another.
“When I went for my interview, he wanted me to…to…” Kobayashi’s lip continued to quake and his eyes stared into the fire.
“Never mind, Kobayashi-san.” He lay back on his futon bedroll and stretched his legs out toward the fire. Within his loincloth, his musuko tightened with need. He’d already decided that whatever the commander asked of him, he’d do. “No need for you to relive the distress. I will wait until tomorrow and find out for myself.”
* * * * *
The following day, Hideyuki went to his parents’ house so his mother could oil his hair and do a perfect topknot for him after he bathed and shaved. Dressed in his best silk kimono and hakama, he made his way to the officers’ housing on the other side of the river.
With each step he took over the bridge, his gut tightened. Kobayashi’s parting words to him that morning had been, “You are free to refuse whatever Masanao requests of you, without recrimination. If you do, he will simply ask you to leave.”
A servant woman admitted him and after he’d removed his sandals and weapons led him to Commander Masanao’s quarters. She slid back the soji screen and bowed as Hideyuki went in, then slid it shut behind him.
Commander Masanao knelt in seiza before a small table set for tea.
Hideyuki squared his shoulders to cover his nervousness, then knelt in a deep bow. Remaining in seiza, he lifted his eyes to the magnificent samurai before him. The gaze that met his seemed to scrutinize his face. If he passed this initial inspection, he would know Masanao had approved of his high cheekbones and angular face. He knew he wasn’t beautiful like Kobayashi. Unlike his fellow samurai, his own cheeks and jaw were heavy with beard and scars dotted his skin here and there from fights and adventures he’d had as a youth.
“Come, have some tea.” The commander’s voice, deep and smooth seemed to vibrate through his soul.
Silently, Hideyuki rose up and knelt down again at the opposite end of the small table.
Masanao lifted a steaming pot and poured two cups. He waited graciously for Hideyuki to accept his tea and take a sip.
He fought to keep his hands from shaking. Masanao’s powerful masculinity simmered off his broad form like vapors of incense.
“Sukiyama, I have watched you grow into a fine warrior.”
Warmth, like fire, spread through Hideyuki’s chest and he bowed his thanks for the praise.
“Which is why you are among those I’ve chosen to interview.” The commander chuckled. “Perhaps you’ve heard others speak of my…ways.”
Hideyuki bowed his head, resting his hands on his thighs. “I do not listen to idle gossip, commander-sama. I choose to form my own opinions.” When he looked up, he saw approval glitter in the other man’s eyes.
“Very good.” The commander took a sip of tea before continuing. “I see no reason not to get right to the point of your visit. I would seek your opinion now.”
Hideyuki bowed deeply, almost touching his nose to the tatami mat on which he knelt. “Of course, commander-sama. I’m at your service.”
Masanao gave a brief nod. “The man I seek is one who would bring me to ecstasy on his knees, using his mouth alone. What is your opinion of that?”
The fire in Hideyuki’s chest spread down, into his belly and fanned through his groin. His musuko came alive, pressing into his loincloth in its desire to be free. In the back of his mind, he knew this was where Kobayashi had become frightened and refused. “My opinion is that such a man would have great fortune indeed, to pleasure you.”
A pause followed in which the commander sipped his tea. In the silence, birds twittered among the cherry blossoms outside the slatted windows. Shadows of half-light danced on the half-timbered walls. “So, Sukiyama, you would not consider yourself unfortunate is such a request were made of you?”
Hideyuki’s insides jumped. He forced himself to remain in his dignified pose and bowed his head. “I would be most honored for such a request.” He bowed again, partly out of respect and partly to hide the bloom of heat he felt in his cheeks. In the next second, he heard Masanao clear his throat.
When Hideyuki dared to lift his gaze again, the commander’s eyes stared at him with a simmering blend of emotions.
“Forgive me,” Masanao said, his voice slightly hoarse. “Please rise, Sukiyama.”
Hideyuki’s heart sped up in a painful way, but he obeyed, preparing himself inwardly for the commander to dismiss him. Perhaps he had come off as arrogant or unworthy in some way of which he’d been unaware, and had unwittingly repelled Masanao.
The commander rose too and stepped to the other side of the room, away from the tea setting. Here, a wide futon had been spread out. Hideyuki suppressed a sharp breath of relief. Heated blood rushed through his veins. He had obviously passed the first portion of the interview. “Come, Sukiyama. Stand before me.”
Hideyuki bowed and approached the commander, praying that his inner trembling did not show, especially when Masanao’s hands went to the sash of his kimono and began to unwind it. His movements were slow, a seemingly deliberate seduction. If the commander thought he needed such a tactic, he certainly was wrong. Just looking at the commander’s broad, smooth face and voluptuous lips on an ordinary day aroused him.
Masanao turned and held out the sash. Unseen, a male attendant had entered and now knelt behind him. He received the sash, bowed and slipped out as unobtrusively as he’d come in. Masanao’s large hands held closed his kimono. “I will reveal myself to you now,” he said softly, his voiced as hushed as the shafts of diffused sunlight stealing through the window slats. In the next breath, the silken robe fell open, revealing the commander’s chiseled physique.
Hideyuki’s breath caught. The commander had left off his loincloth and Hideyuki could not prevent his gaze from falling on the dark trail of hair that began just underneath the commander’s navel. At the last second he averted his gaze, lest he disrespect the man he worshiped.
Masanao let his kimono slip to the floor, his full lips curved upward in a smile. “I see that I please you.”
Hideyuki bowed his head. “Yes, very much so,”
“That is good. Physical attraction is very important between lovers.”
The word ‘lovers’ sent a ripple of heat through Hideyuki’s loins. His cock had already swollen to full hardness and ached as it pressed into his loincloth.
“Feel free to gaze on me all you wish, Sukiyama.” The commander displayed himself, hands at his sides, as if he had the entire evening to be stared at and lusted after. As if he’d known all along how Hideyuki felt about him.
Hideyuki swallowed hard, as much at the sight before him as the commander’s more familiar address. A lump had formed in his throat, the tightness of which matched the tightness in his cock.
“The sooner you undress, the sooner we can begin.”
The statement shook Hideyuki from his hypnotic staring at the commander’s thick musuko. Even at partial hardness, its length and heaviness, hanging from a small nest of ebony curls, showed it would be quite a mouthful. “Yes, commander-sama.”
With trembling hands, He undid the ties of his hakama, folded them aside then unwound the sash of his kimono, praying that the commander would be mutually pleased with his build, narrower, the muscles leaner than the other man’s. With trembling hands, he folded his sash and set it aside.
Not wanting to appear vain, he did not wait for any comment and began immediately to unwrap his loincloth, keeping his gaze averted.
“Your modesty is impressive for a man of your beauty, Sukiyama.”
His hands froze on his loincloth. “B–beautiful, sir?” Being somewhat rugged and scarred and having such a heavy beard in frequent need of shaving, he had never thought of himself as beautiful. But the glow of appreciation in Masanao’s eyes reflected the man’s sincerity and Hideyuki felt truly appreciated, perhaps for the first time in his six and twenty years.
“Yes.” The other man’s voice fell to a hush. “Beautiful.”
The praise stabbed Hideyuki to his core and now he dropped to his knees. “Thank you, commander-sama.” To his horror, a rush of hot tears stung his eyes. He’d not realized the depth to which he’d craved to hear such words, especially from the one man he loved with his entire being.
“Come now.” The commander’s voice was still quiet.
Hideyuki forced back his tears and rose again so that he could finish unwrapping his loincloth. His rigid cock sprang free of the soft bindings and jutted upward from his body. “I am at your service.”
“Bring me the sash of your kimono.”
Silently, his hand trembling, Hideyuki knelt down and retrieved his sash from the pile of clothing on the floor. He approached the commander with the sash out held.
Masanao’s eyes still glowed with appreciation. “All of you is beautiful, Sukiyama,” he said, then reached out and brushed several fingertips up Hideyuki’s hard length.
Heated sparks followed his touch and Hideyuki pulled in a tight breath. His spirit soared from even that light touch. Never had imagined in all of time that he would be here, like this with the commander. “Thank you, sama,” he breathed.
“Now, hold out your wrists.”
Hideyuki’s own harsh breaths filled his ears as he obeyed, allowing the commander to bind his wrists.
“This is just to ensure you don’t try to use your hands.” Masanao pulled the sash firmly and knotted it, not tightly enough to hurt, but enough to make Hideyuki feel a strange kind of giddiness, an unusual languor that energized and weakened him at the same time. He swallowed, staring ahead at the commander’s throat, at the smooth glowing skin that made his mouth water to taste it.
The commander’s fingertips brushed up Hideyuki’s arms then receded. His hands dropped again to his sides and he stood, shoulders back. “Now, you may begin.”
Hideyuki’s entire insides trembled and his vision blurred. Strangely, he thought of Aoki, the kabuki actor who’d spent many hours showing him the pleasures of erotic love. Aoki had been a master of ecstasy, delighting in every nuance of scent and taste of the male form. He’d never been in a rush and Hideyuki’s naked body had always been to him something to revel in and savor, every inch.
He stepped forward and tilted his face up, so close he felt the commander’s breath pass onto his skin. The other man’s scent of musk and the tang of his hair oil invaded him. Every nerve ending in his body crackled with awareness. Slowly, carefully, he dared to close the tiny space remaining between them and press his lips to Masanao’s. He rested there, waiting to see what the commander would do. When Masanao didn’t pull away, he brushed the tip of his tongue along the seam of Masanao’s lips.
A soft groan answered his daring attempt at seduction and the commander opened for him, allowed Hideyuki to invade the soft, wet heat of his mouth and explore it. The commander’s hands went to Hideyuki’s upper arms and squeezed, a pulsing touch that conveyed arousal. The commander held him in place and let Hideyuki dance their tongues together.
Tension drained a bit from Hideyuki’s body. The commander’s lips and mouth were velvety, better than they were in any of Hideyuki’s fantasies. Masanao’s breathing increased and he groaned again.
Hideyuki remembered how Aoki used to tease him, kiss him until he was panting and then pull away from his mouth to tease the rest of him. The commander’s breath was growing harsher and his fingers pressed harder into Hideyuki’s arm muscles. It was time to venture lower.
He broke the kiss, realizing suddenly that Aoki’s skill had really been passion and appreciation, things Hideyuki already felt for the brawny man in front of him. Aoki had truly cherished Hideyuki’s being, body and soul…
Hideyuki proceeded to rain kisses down the commander’s jaw. The skin there was clean shaven, still soft from water and razor, and Hideyuki let his tongue drag down, over the other man’s throat and across one side of his collarbone. More smooth warm skin met his taste buds and he followed the center furrow of muscle down and then slid over, teasing one dark nipple.
The musky-tasting tip pebbled under his teasing licks. Back and forth, around in tiny circles, he played there until the commander gripped his arms like iron and whispered his name. Though the other man spoke no words, Hideyuki heard Masanao’s ecstasy in his harsh breath, the desperate press of his fingers into his arms. He felt the other man melting into his power, letting Hideyuki use his body as a geisha would pluck the strings of a samisen to enchant and relax her client.
Though his hands hung uselessly bound, Hideyuki felt something lift him, an invisible weightlessness in his body and mind that freed him from the nervousness and anxiety he’d been having. Knowing now that Aoki’s secret had truly been the same as his, he feathered his tongue over to the commander’s other nipple and did the same, licking and teasing until he felt Masanao couldn’t take any more. He had found one of his commander’s weaknesses, a portal into his soul, a spot on the man’s body which brought him ecstasy. Hideyuki remained there, licking, gentle rounds with his tongue that made the other man’s surge toward him each time. Masanao’s musky flavor rolled on his tongue and he savored the smooth, tight texture of each disk.
Suddenly, Masanao’s hands pushed him back. “Hideyuki.” His voice was a rough whisper in the incense-scented air.
Hideyuki blinked from his trance.
The commander stared from a darkly flushed face. His broad chest rose and fell in fevered breaths and his thumbs agitated over Hideyuki’s biceps. Silent emotions travelled through the air as if communicated with words. Hideyuki heard them deep in his soul. He’d always been able to sense his commander’s feelings and thoughts. Because he loved him so. He waited respectfully, heart pounding, for the commander to speak.
But the other man said nothing, and after several moments, pulled Hideyuki toward him again.
Only then did he begin a trail downward, dropping to his knees as his tongue slid down the center of the commander’s taut abdominal muscles to his navel.
There, he paused and pushed his tongue into the small indentation. Everything about Masanao was perfectly formed and tasted better than the finest saké.
Masanao’s hands had slipped from his arms and now cradled his head. The commander’s large, thick musuko had risen to full erectness and nudged at Hideyuki’s throat. The light touch made his mouth water and he realized he was teasing himself as much as his commander, making himself panting and hungry for that thick veined muscle, longing for the delicious combination of hardness and silky skin against his tongue and lips.
The clean musk of it reached Hideyuki’s nostrils and he couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled back and went on his knees in front of the commander, whose cock stood upward, mere inches from his mouth. A droplet of seed gleamed at the tip of the head. Leaning forward, Hideyuki licked up the salty sweet fluid and swallowed. Nothing had ever tasted better to him in his life.
The commander groaned, a pleading sound. Hideyuki suppressed a smile of glee and leaned forward again, engulfing the plump head. Masanao’s hands tightened against Hideyuki’s hair, a definite sign to continue. He swirled his tongue around the ridge, once, then twice, before tightening his lips.
“Ahhh, koibito,” The commander whispered.
The one I am in love with. The words spiraled through Hideyuki’s mind. Had he heard correctly? His heart raced faster. His desire to please Masanao had never been a stronger drive as it was in this moment. He slid down on the shaft, took Masanao’s cock in deeper. His soul soared in pure delight. He pulled back, then slid up again, deeper. He had barely covered half of the commander’s thick cock, but was determined to swallow him to the root. Nothing but Masanao’s complete ecstasy would do.
With his mouth around the meaty shaft, Hideyuki paused. He released a deep breath, allowing his body to relax. Then pushed forward on his knees, his lips sliding upward, taking in all that delicious meaty length, Hideyuki felt his lips meet the base, the springy hairs and the firm sac against his chin.
Tiny lights exploded in his mind and his body felt as if it were floating in a soft pool of clouds. And yet, he was completely alive. Tingling heat radiated through his body, all the way to the end of his pulsing erection.
“Oh!” The commander pulled out suddenly, leaving a terrible absence in Hideyuki’s mouth. Hideyuki’s eyes flew open and his heart lurched. Again, he braced himself to be thrown out for some infraction he hadn’t realized he’d committed, yet in the next breath, found himself being turned over and felt the warm heat of the commander’s muscular body close against his back. “Hideyuki, I must have you now.” He reached out and tipped over a small earthenware jug.
A thick substance oozed onto the polished wood floor and the commander swiped his fingertips through the puddle. The scent of pressed sesame invaded the air.
Oil. Hideyuki’s breath caught as he realized what was happening. His heart soared again…and then Masanao’s fingers were pushing into his backside, opening and stretching his quivering hole. The commander’s lips pressed to the back of his neck as the larger man found purchase in Hideyuki’s ass with the head of his cock.
Firm hands closed again on Hideyuki’s upper arms, followed by a firm push…and a hard thrust of oiled cock, so deep inside him that their bodies met. Hideyuki moaned as tingling pleasure pervaded his body.
Masanao pushed him down on the futon so that Hideyuki’s arms bent at the elbow, resting on the ground, his bound hands still useless. Completely under Masanao’s command, he let his body be used for the only purpose he’d ever wished for. His commander’s pleasure.
The commander’s hands slid to his hips, gripping him in place as he rode Hideyuki’s ass. “Koibito,” Masanao whispered over and over, and Hideyuki could hear something deep and tender in the other man’s voice, something that weakened him more, made his hard body like clay in his master’s arms.
One of Masanao’s hands slid around his hip and grasped his cock. The oil on the commander’s hand made his palm slide easily up and down from head to base. Hideyuki panted, his body pliant from the onslaught of pleasure. He tried to hold back his climax, to wait until Masanao had been satisfied, but the commander’s strokes on his cock made it impossible.
Pressure, like dammed water bursting through, exploded and Hideyuki’s felt the hot cloud gush out, coating the other man’s hand.
Masanao kept whispering his name, one repetition with each hard thrust of his cock inside him. The thick member pulsed against Hideyuki’s inner walls and he felt his commander reach ecstasy, the release he’d wanted to give him with lips and tongue.
His master’s seed spilled inside him, one glorious pulse of heated life after another, until finally the larger man collapsed against his back, sweaty muscles pressed together.
Hideyuki’s body felt empty, deeply satisfied, in the way it did from deep meditation. The commander’s broad chest heaved and his harsh breath fanned against his neck. As each moment passed, the sound grew calmer.
Fear trickled in, threatened to replace Hideyuki’s deep satisfaction. Just because Masanao had taken his pleasure didn’t mean that he would take Hideyuki as his lover.
For several minutes, the commander held him like this, not speaking. Their slowing breaths seemed to echo off the rice paper of the soji screens around them and Hideyuki lost track of time. Indeed, for him, the world had stopped, to continue only when he knew how Masanao felt.
Masanao lifted his body from Hideyuki’s back and pulled his cock out. The hard fullness slipped away, leaving Hideyuki mournfully empty. He felt tears heating his eyes again, certain that he’d failed somehow. The commander pulled Hideyuki up and unwound the sash from his wrists.
Hideyuki blinked back the tears. How he would go on with life in the barracks after this rejection, he didn’t know.
But then Masanao turned him in his arms so that they were face to face. The commander’s dark eyes were misted over. Before Hideyuki could think what it meant, Masanao slipped a large hand behind his head and pulled him close. The commander’s mouth closed over his and a seeking tongue slipped between Hideyuki’s lips. The other man groaned and slid his tongue in a passionate movement across Hideyuki’s.
Hideyuki’s eyes closed and he surrendered, dared to let his hands reach up and caress the other man’s broad shoulders as they kissed.
Finally, the commander pulled back. The mist still glowed in his beautiful, almond-shaped eyes. “I hadn’t believed it possible, Hideyuki-chan that in my short thirty-seven years in this world, I would be blessed a second time.
The words sifted into Hideyuki’s hazed consciousness. Only after several moments did he realize what Masanao was telling him. Overwhelmed with raw emotions, with the culmination of his life’s dream, Hideyuki bowed his head. “It is my great honor to love and serve you, master.”
A fingertip under his chin lifted him from his bow. Hideyuki looked into Masanao’s face, confused by the urgency in the motion.
“Hideyuki-chan, you don’t understand. You are as much my master now as I am yours.”
Hideyuki blinked. “I—“ He felt like a silly child, unable to respond, but his mind was confused.
Masanao nodded. “You don’t understand, do you?” His hand passed over Hideyuki’s hair once. ”You were the only one who answered me as you did, you’re your entire heart and soul. I knew even before we were intimate that I’d found you. You willingly submitted yourself to me, body and spirit, you too, became a master.” He kissed Hideyuki again and then tugged him down onto a futon, spread for sleeping. “Come, Yuki-chan, please, stay with me now, rest in my arms.”
He lay gratefully down next to the commander who half-covered him with his warm brawn, and draped one muscular leg over Hideyuki’s thigh. “Master.”
“I hope you will let me stay. I mean, for always. I have no wish to leave you and marry, ever.”
A large hand closed over his shoulder and squeezed it. “I would love nothing more, Yuki-chan. It would be the greatest fortune I could hope for, to spend the rest of my days with the master of my heart.”