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The following included in the translations section are from various sources. Some scholarly, and some simple fiction. Translating Japanese is a difficult business, due to the notorious and inherent vagueness of the language, mostly due to such things as the sporadic use of pronouns, and the lack of any particles that correspond to 'The' or 'A' (as in "The [specific] battle" versus "A [non-specific] battle") Some of the following are incomplete translations (mostly due to time constraints), which will be added to. Although liberties have been taken in translating the Japanese into legible English grammar, the articles are for the most part direct translations (i.e. unedited - unless otherwise noted). Anytime there is a question of which vocabulary word best represents the Japanese word, more than one translation is supplied (highlighted in red). Notes to the text are also highlighted in red. The included translations have never (to my knowledge) been put into English before.


Historical Figures

Historical Fiction