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Sanada Clan Mon

1512 - 1622


1512 - Sanada Yukitaka is born. His parentage is unclear, although he may have been a son of Uno Munetsuna.

1518 - Sanada (Yasawa) Yoritsuna, Yukitaka's younger brother, is born.

1541 - Sanada Yukitaka, allied with the Uno, is defeated by the Murakami and Suwa. He loses Sanada Castle and takes up with the nagano of Kzuke Province. He later throws in his lot with the Takeda.

1544 - Sanada Masayuki is born.

1546 - Yukitaka participates in the Battle of Odaihara.

1547 - Sanada Nobutada, the 4th son of Yukitaka, is born.

1550 - With help from the Takeda, Yukitaka regains Sanada Castle.

1561 - Sanada Masayuki participates in his first battle - the 4th battle of Kawanakajima.

1566 - Sanada Nobuyuki, the eldest son of Sanada Masayuki, is born.

1567 - Sanada Yukimura is born the second son of Motô Kihei (Sanada Masayuki) at Koufu, Kai province.

1574 - Sanada Yukitaka dies. Yukitaka's oldest son Nobutsuna takes control of the Sanada clan.

1575 - Sanada Nobutsuna is killed at the battle of Nagashino, as is Sanada Masateru. Their younger brother Sanada Masayuki becomes head of the Sanada clan.

1580 - Sanada Masayuki takes Numata castle in Kozuke from the Hojo clan. By now the Sanada have drifted from the Takeda.

1582 - April - Sanada Masayuki sends a horse to Nobunaga as a gift

July - The Sanada allies with the Hojo clan. 2 months later they ally with the Tokugawa.

1583 - Sanada Masayuki constructs Ueda castle.

1585 - August - Tokugawa Ieyasu demands that Numata be returned to the Hj as part of a Tokugawa-Hj agreement signed that year. Masayuki refuses and defeats a Tokugawa army sent to chastise him near Ueda after recieving the assistance of Uesugi Kagekatsu. Masayuki makes peace with the Tokugawa by sending his son Nobuyuki as a hostage to Hamamatsu, and Sanada Yukimura is sent to the Uesugi's Kasugayama castle in Echigo as a hostage. Masayuki becomes a vassal of Hideyoshi. The Hj attempts to take Numata,which was held by Masayuki's uncle, Yasawa Yoritsuna, but fails.

1586 - Yukimura goes to Hideyoshi's Osaka castle as a hostage.

1590 - Sanada Masayuki, Nobuyuki, and Yukimura join in Hideyoshi's attack on Odawara castle.

1600 - Sanada Masayuki and Yukimura declare for the 'Western' cause while Nobuyuki, Honda Tadakatsu's brother in law, joins Tokugawa Ieyasu.

October 12 - Tokugawa Hidetada lays siege to Sanada Masayuki's Ueda Castle (Shinano). Hidetada makes no progress.
- After the Battle of Sekigahara, Tokugawa Ieyasu orders Sanada Masayuki banished to Kdoyama in Kii Province. Yukimura accompanies him.
- Sanada Nobuyuki is confirmed in his domain.

1608 - Sanada Masayuki dies.

1614 - Sanada Yukimura joins the defenders of Osaka Castle. Sanada Nobuyuki and Yasawa (Sanada) Yorisada will serve in the bakufu armies.

1615 - Sanada Yukimura is killed at the Battle of Tennji during the Osaka Summer Campaign.

1622 - Sanada Nobuyuki's Shinano domain is increased to 100,000 koku.

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