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Mori Clan Mon
1444 - 1600


1444 - Môri Toyomoto, Motonari's grandfather, is born.

1467 - Môri Hiromoto, Motonari's father, is born.

1493 - Môri Okamoto, Motonari's older brother is born the eldest son of Môri Hiromoto. He is given the name 'Kouchiyomaru'.

1497 - March 14 - Motonari is born the 2nd son of Mori Hiromoto at Yoshida in Aki province. He is given the name of 'shojumaru'.

1500 - Motonari's older brother Okimoto takes over as head of the Mori clan. Motonari and his father transfer to Tahiji-Sarukake castle.

1501 - Motonari's mother dies

1506 - Motonari's father, Môri Hiromoto, dies.

1507 - Hiromoto has his coming of age ceremony.

1511 - Motonari's coming of age ceremony, takes the name 'Shouyuujirou Motonari'.

1516 - Motonari's older brother Okimoto dies, and and Motonari is named to act as guardian to the late lord's young son, Kômatsumaru.

Motonari defeats Takeda Motoshige near Koriyama castle.

1518 - Amako Tsunehisa attacks Oűchi Yoshioki's outposts in Aki province.

1521 - Môri Motonari allies with the Amako.

1522 - Motonari marries the daughter of Kikkawa Kunitsune.

1523 - Motonari's first son Mori Takamoto is born in Sarukake castle. The Mori assists in Amako Tsunehisa's attack on kagamiyama castle.

August - Motonari's nephew Komatsumaru dies, and Motonari takes control of the Mori, and moves into Koriyama castle.

1524 - July 10 - Oűchi Yoshioki captures Sakurao Castle (Aki) and forces Tomoda Yorifuji to submit.

1525 - December - Oűchi forces expand further into Aki.

1527 - The Oűchi and Amako clash in Bingo province.

1528 - Oűchi Yoshioki dies and is succeded by Yoshitaka.

1530 - [Kikkawa] Motoharu is born at Koriyama, the 2nd son of Motonari.

1533 - [Kobayakawa] Takakage is born the 3rd son of Motonari at Koriyama.

1537 - Mori Takamoto is sent to the Ouchi as a hostage.

1539 - The Oűchi clan assumes control of all 'official' trade with China.

1540 - Battle of Koriyama castle. The attack by Amako Haruhisa is repelled with the aid of Ouchi forces led by Sue Takafusa (Harukata).

1541 - Amako Tsunehisa dies and is succeded by Amako Haruhisa. Ouchi Yoshitaka and Môri Motonari invade the Amako's territory in Iwami and Izumo.

1542 - January Oűchi Yoshitaka and Môri Motonari lay siege to Amako Akihisa at Gassan-Toda castle in Izumo province.

1543 - The Amako and Ouchi class a number of times near Gassan-Toda castle, however the attempt to bring down Gassan-Toda ends in failure. .

1544 - Takakage becomes head of the Kobayakawa clan. The Ôuchi attack Iyo Province but are repulsed at Ômishima.

1545 - Motonari's wife dies at the age of 47.

1546 - Motonari turns control of the Mori over to his son Takamoto.

1547 - Motoharu becomes the head of the Kikkawa clan.

1551 - Oűchi Yoshitaka is overthrown by Sue Harukata and commits suicide. He is replaced by Ôtomo (Oűchi) Yoshinaga, through whom Sue now rules the Oűchi

1553 - Môri Terumoto, grandson of Môri Motonari and son of Mori Takamoto, is born.

1554 - June 1 - Môri Motonari challenges Sue Harukata and defeats one of his armies at Oshikihata.

1555 - Battle of Itsukushima - Motonari defeats Sue Harukata, a victory that makes certain the Môri rise to supremacy in Western Honshu.

Kobayakawa Takakage puts down a peasant rebellion in Ikaji, Suo province.

1557 - Môri Motonari forces Ôuchi Yoshinaga to commit suicide and occupies Suo province. The Môri and Ôtomo begin a four-year struggle for Moji Castle in Buzen province.

1558 - Otomo Sorin loses Moji castle to the Mori.

1560 - Motonari is designated 'Mutsu no Kami'.

April 4 - Shôgun Ashikaga Yoshiteru attempts to mediate peace between Amako Tsunehisa and Motonari.

1561 - Otomo Sorin attempts to reclaim Moji castle with an all-out assault that included a number of cannon-equipped Portuguese warships. The warships were used to credible effect, but Sorin’s subsequent attack failed, and Moji remained in Môri hands.

1562 - Amako Haruhisa [Akihisa] dies and is succeded by Yoshihisa.

1563 - October - Môri Motonari captures Shiraga Castle (Izumo province) from the Amako.

1565 - September - Môri Motonari besieges Gassan-Toda (Izumo), the Amako headquarters. Môri Takamoto, Môri Motonari's heir, dies.

1566 - January - Gassan-Toda castle falls to the Mori, Amako Yoshihisa surrenders to Môri Motonari and is sent into exile.

1568 - Môri Motonari reinstates Kono Michinao in Iyo after the latter is forced to flee by Utsunomiya Toyotsuna.

1569 - August - Yamanaka Shikanosuke clashes with Môri forces in Izumo Province.

October - Môri and Ôtomo forces clash near Hakata in Chikuzen Province.
December - Môri Motonari withdraws his army from Chikuzen Province.

1570 - Motonari falls ill.

1571 - Motonari dies on the 6th month, 14th day at Koriyama castle, at age 74, and is succeded by his grandson, Môri Terumoto.

1575 - Kobayakawa Takakage and Ukita Naoie defeat Mimura Motochika of Bingo Province and force him to commit suicide.

1578 - Second Battle of Kizugawaguchi - Kűki Yoshitaka defeats the Mori navy. Kobayakawa Takakage and Kikkawa Motoharu attack Kozuki castle in Harima, which is held by Amako Katsuhisa and Yamanaka Shikanosuke. Both Amako and Yamanaka were killed.

1586 - Kikkawa Motoharu dies.

1598 - Terumoto is named by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as one of the five regents tasked with acting as administrators until the young Toyotomi Hideyori could come of age.

1599 - Terumoto is convinced by Ankokuji Ekei to join sides with Ishida Mitsunari against Tokugawa Ieyasu. Terumoto is later named 'commander in chief' of the western forces.

1600 - Terumoto waits out the battle of Sekigahara in Osaka castle, knowing that it is pointless to support Mitsunari. He assumes his inaction will be rewarded, however rather than being rewarded for his inaction by Tokugawa Ieyasu, Ieyasu uses the pretense of his inaction as 'commander in chief' (stating it was his duty to fight) to reduce his holdings severely. He shaves his head and becomes a monk.