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  Here is a list of links that may be interesting or useful for anyone with an interest in Japan or Japanese History:


  BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JAPANESE HISTORY TO 1912 -- An extensive bibliography of Japanese history from Cambridge university.

  GUIDE TO JAPAN -- A interesting and all encompassing guide to Japan which has links to web sites on Japanese history, culture, tourism, and entertainment.

  SENGOKU DAIMYÔ -- A.J. Bryant's information filled web page with various Japan-related articles including an informative guide to Japanese armor construction, Heian period architecture, and more.

  GUIDE TO JAPANESE CASTLES -- A well-designed and informative site devoted to Japanese castles, with a history of their development and pictures and commentary on some of the more famous examples.

  SHO-SHIN -- An extensive site on samurai swords which contains quite a few interesting illlustrations and historical facts.

  THE JAPANESE SWORD INDEX -- Another very extensive and interesting site dedicated to Japanese swords that provides much useful information for the owner and/or collector. History, reference data, and informative articles can all be found here.

  THE DOCUMENTS OF IRIKI -- A remarkable resource detailing the entire collection of Iriki-in documents, amounting to hundreds of pages of information.

  WAKAGASHIRA -- A well done site about the history and production of Japanese Samurai armor.

  SENGOKU -- Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan, the homepage of the Samurai RPG from Gold Rush Games.

  JAPANESE HISTORY RESOURCES -- A page with links to various pages related to Japanese history as well as Japanese culture and other tidbits.

  AICHI VOICE -- An English site from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, that has and interesting article on Oda Nobunaga.

  MIYAMOTO MUSASHI - THE MAN BEHIND THE LEGEND -- An exellent and thorough site dedicated to the life of Musashi.

  SHOUKAN-AN NINPOU TAIJUTSU DOJO -- A beautifully done and informative page on Japanese culture and Buddhism.

  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE -- An excerpt from a National Geographic article entitled 'Japan's Way of the Samurai'.

  WILLIAM ADAMS: MY COMING TO JAPAN -- A letter apparently written by William Adams, the first Englishman in Japan, in 1611. The character of John Blackthorne was based on Adams.


THE SAMURAI ARCHIVES CITADEL -- The online community for Japanese history and culture, with forums that include Samurai history, arms and armor, Japanese language, Japanese entertainment, martial arts, and much more.

JAPANESE SAMURAI HISTORY FORUM -- Doing research or have a question about Japanese History? If so, head over to our Japanese History Forum, done in conjunction with this page, and post your questions!

JAPANESE SAMURAI HISTORY YAHOO GROUP -- Yahoo Group also in conjunction with this page.

JAPAN-O-RAMA -- An informal group for discussion of all things Japan - culture, language, society, food, history, and anything else you care to think up that has some sort of vague and tenuous relation to Japan.

NIHONTO YAHOO GROUP -- A list dedicated to all aspects of Japanese swords.

NE ASIAN STUDIES YAHOO GROUP -- A list devoted to the scholarly discussion of anthropology, archaeology, history and linguistics of Northeast Asia.


SAMURAI ARCHIVES GOINGS ONS -- Official blog for information on the Samurai Archives.

ODA NOBUNAGA'S BLOG -- Oda Nobunaga's official online blog.

ANCIENT JAPAN -- A blog for research on ancient Japan.


  SAMURAI ARCHIVES STORE -- Merchandise inspired by the Samurai and Japanese history.

  THE SAMURAI FILM -- A website for the book of the same name.

  SAMURAI MOVIE REVIEWS -- A website dedicated to reviews of Samurai movies.

  WHICH SAMURAI WARLORD ARE YOU? -- Take the online test and find out.

  WHICH 'LAST SAMURAI' CHARACTER ARE YOU? -- Take the online test and find out.

  TOTAL WAR.ORG -- The number one fansite for the Sengoku Period computer strategy game Shôgun: Total War. An indispensible resource for all STW players.

  THE NINJA DOJO -- What has to be one of the most detailed sites on the internet covering Japanese Samurai and Ninja movies - movie ratings, screenshots, links to buy movies, and more.

 RIDGEBACK PRESS -- Publisher focusing on Meiji restoration history.

 SONSHI.COM -- the largest online resource for Sun Tzu The Art of War, and the gathering place of Sun Tzu authors, scholars, and readers around the world.

 ARTELINO -- A website with information on ukiyo-e, arts, history, legends and more.

 CHUU -- Fine Kimonos & Japanese Antiques.