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Go-Hj Family Timeline

Hj Family Mon

1432 - 1600


1432 - SOUN is born, possibly in Kyoto or Bitchu Province.

1467 - The Onin War begins in Kyoto. Soun will flee the fighting and take up his brother-in-law, Imagawa Yoshitada.

1476 - Soun supports the bid of Imagawa Ujichika for clan leadership.

1487 - Soun destroys Oshika Norimitsu and is afterwards given Kokokuji Castle.

1491 - Ashikaga Chachamaru takes control of Izu Province.

1493 - Soun invades Izu and drives out Ashikaga Chachamaru and captures Horikoshi Castle. [Some sources say Soun invaded in 1491.]

1495 - Soun takes Odawara Castle in Sagami Province from Omori Fujiyori.

1496 - Yamanouchi-Uesugi Akisada invades Sagami Province. Soun and his allies are defeated in battle.

1504 - Soun dispatches troops to assist Ogigayatsu-Uesugi Tomoyoshi against the Yamanouchi-Uesugi at Tachiwara in Musashi Province.

1512 - Soun invades the Miura domain. He takes Kamakura and orders a castle built at Tamawara, afterwards destroying an Ota army sent to assist the Miura.

1516 - The Muira stronghold of Arai falls and the Muira leaders commit suicide.

1519 - Soun dies. Leadership passes to UJITSUNA (b.1487).

1521 - Kushima Masashige is defeated by Takeda Nobutora in Suruga Province. Ujitsuna later adopts Masashige's son, who becomes known as Hj Tsunanari (b.1515).

1523 - Ujitsuna adopts the name Hj.

1524 - Ujitsuna takes Edo Castle from the Ogigayatsu-Uesugi. Satomi Sanetaka of Awa Province lands troops at Kamakura. Before the Satomi retire, much of the town, including the Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, is burned. Later, Ujitsuna will raise funds for the rebuilding of the temple. In recognition the Court will award him the titles saky dayu and the Fifth Court Rank, Junior Grade.

1533 - The Imperial Court recognizes Hj possession of Sagami and Izu.

1535 - Ujitsuna goes to support Imagawa Ujiteru. The Ogigayatsu-Uesugi raid Sagami Province and burn a number of towns. Ujitsuna returns and defeats the uesugi at the Irumagawa.

1537 - Ogigayatsu-Uesugi Tomoyuki dies and is replaced by Tomosada. Ujitsuna attacks Tomosada's domain and captures Kawagoe Castle in Musashi Province.

1538 - Ujitsuna becomes involved in a disupte with the Imagawa. The Satomi and Ashikaga exploit the situation to invade the Hj domain. Ujitsuna raises an army and defeats the allies at Konodai. Ashikaga Yoshiaki is killed in the battle.

1541 - Ujitsuna dies. Leadership passes to UJIYASU (b.1514).

1542 - Ujiyasu orders land surveys initiated by his father to recommence. These continue into the next year.

1544 - The Hj and the Imagawa (who are aided by Takeda troops) face each other at Kitsunebashi in Suruga Province. Ashikaga Haruuji breaks ties with Ujiyasu and sides with the Uesugi. Haruuji and both branches of the Uesugi converge on Kawagoe Castle, held by Hj Tsunanari.

1545 - Ujiyasu, having made peace with the Imagawa and Takeda (and being compelled to surrender the Hj holdings in Suruga Province), marches to the relief of Kawagoe. In a coordinated night attack, Ujiyasu and Tsunanari rout the Uesugi and Ashikaga. Ogigayatsu-Uesugi Tomosada is killed.

1550 - Ujiyasu overhauls the system of taxation within the Hj domain. The kandaka system becomes standard.

1551 - The Hj take Hirai Castle in Kzuke Province, forcing Yamanouchi-Uesugi Norimasa to flee to Echigo Province, held by his vassal Nagao Kagetora.

1554 - Ashikaga Haruuji is captured and placed in confinement.

1559 - The 'Register of Local Duties Levied on the Domains of the Odawara Vassals' is drawn up at Odawara. That same year, Uesugi Norimasa and the Satomi urge Nagao Kagetora to drive back the Hj.

1560 - Nagao Kagetora enters Kzuke and captures Numata Castle from the Hj. This is the first of many Nagao/Uesugi efforts to drive the Hj from that province.

1561 - Nagao Kagetora invades the Hojo domain and besieges Odawara Castle. During this effort he assumes the name Uesugi and the title of kanto kanrie. After a number of weeks, Kagetora is compelled to retreat for want of supplies.

1562 - The Hj and Takeda enter into an alliance. Ujiyasu sends his 7th son as a hostage.

1564 - Ujiyasu defeats Satomi Yoshihiro at the 2nd Battle of Konodai. The Satomi, although always enemies of the Hj, never again pose a serious threat to the Hj domain. However, Hj efforts to advance into the Boso Peninsula in the wake of the battle are turned back by stubborn Satomi resistance.

1566 - Uesugi Kagetora (Kenshin) raids the Hj domain and pushes as far as Usui in Shimosa Province. Kenshin enters Hj territory almost every year of the 1560's, althgough with little lasting impact.

1568 - Takeda Shingen invades Suruga Province. Ujiyasu sends troops to assist Imagawa Ujizane. The Takeda are defeated at Okitsu.

1569 - Takeda Shingen again invades Suruga, then marches into Sagami Provinces. He surrounds Odawara Castle in a token siege before retiring back towards Kai. Enroute he is confronted by an army led by two of Ujiyasu's sons, Ujiteru and Ujikuni. They are defeated by Shingen at Mimasetoge. Shingen had earlier sent back Ujiyasu's son. At first adopted by Hj Genan (Soun's third son, 1493-1589), the boy is now sent to be adopted by Uesugi Kenshin. He is afterwards known as Uesugi Kagetora and marries a daughter of Nagao Masakage.

1570 - The Takeda reduce Fukuzawa Castle and the other Hj forts in Suruga Province. Sumpu falls to Shingen and Imagawa Ujizane finds a haven with Ujiyasu.

1571 - Ujiyasu dies. UJIMASA (b.1538) assumes leadership of the Hj.

1572 - The Hj and Takeda enter into an alliance. A small Hj contingent assists Shingen in his war with the Tokugawa.

1577 - Ujimasa marries a daughter to Takeda Katsuyori. At this time the Hj are at peace with both the Uesugi and Takeda.

1578 - Uesugi Kenshin dies. He has named both Uesugi Kagekatsu and Kagetora as heirs. These two struggle for total control, with the Hj supporting Kagetora.

1579 - The Hj's efforts to save Kagetora end in failure and when Otate Castle falls Kagetora kills himself. The Hj remain enemies of Uesugi Kagekatsu. That same year Takeda Katsuyori establishes friendly relations with Kagekatsu, prompting Ujimasa to sever his own relations with the Takeda. A series of battles around Numazu in Suruga Province ensue.

1580 - Ujimasa retires in favor of his son UJINAO (b.1562). During that same year the Hj and Takeda clash at Omosu in Suruga Province.

1582 - Ujimasa assists the Tokugawa and Oda in their conquest of the Takeda domain. Oda Nobunaga is killed a short time later and Ujimasa and Ujinao take advantage of this development to drive the Oda forces under Takigawa Kazumasu from Kzuke Province. At this time the Sanada ally with the Hj.

1583 - The Hj attempt without success to take Kai Province from Tokugawa Ieyasu. Afterwards, when the rivals settle, some token land holdings in Kai and Shinano are conceded to the Hj.

1584 - Ujinao marries a daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu and relations between the Tokugawa and Hj are cordial for the next six years. The Sanada refuse to give up land in Shinano allotted to the Hj.

1585 - Tokugawa Ieyasu demands that the Sanada give up Numata Castle as part of a Tokugawa-Hj agreement. Masayuki refuses and defeats a Tokugawa army sent to chastise him near Ueda after recieving the assistance of Uesugi Kagekatsu. The Hj attempts to take Numata, held by Sanada Masayuki's uncle, Yasawa Yoritsuna, end in failure. A later raid on Numata will be one of the 'offenses' cited by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in his case against the Hj.

1587 - Hj Tsunanari dies.

1588 - Relations between the Hj and Toyotomi Hideyoshi worsen. Ujimasa and Ujinao refuse to go to Kyoto to pay respects to Hideyoshi despite Tokugawa Ieyasu's urgings.

1589 - Hideyoshi orders his retainers to prepare for an invasion of the Hj domain. That same year, Hj Genan dies at the age of 96 - considered by some to be the longest living of all sengoku generals.

1590 - Hideyoshi's armies, including the Tokugawa, descend on the Hj domain in the 4th month. Ujinao is convinced by his father and advisors to avoid a field battle and the Siege of Odawara begins. Hideyoshi's host consists of some 200,000 men but no serious attempt to storm the castle is attempted. Ujinao surrenders after three months, most of which were spent debating endlessly with his advisors. He is spared to go into exile at Mt. Koya along with certain of retainers and relatives. Ujimasa and Ujiteru, however, are executed, along with a number of Hj retainers. The rule of the Hj in the Kanto region ends.

1591 - Ujinao dies at the age of 29 in Kwatchi Province, possibly of small pox.

1597 - Hj Ujikuni dies.

1600 - Hj Ujinori, Ujiyasu's 4th son and the family's chief negotiator during the Siege of Odawara, dies. He had been given a 10,000-koku fief in Kwatchi Province after the siege. He is succeded by his son Ujimori.



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