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The Samurai


Brief History


The following is an attempt to briefly explore the military aspects of Japan's history from the Early through Pre-Modern periods. The richness of Japanese history cannot be entirely denied, however, and the reader will certainly find references to matters and concepts not entirely related to the samurai. The first chapter, for instance, deals with events that occurred centuries before the samurai as we know them even existed. Yet to fully understand the samurai and their history, one must occasionally step back and admire the whole picture. This effort does not pretend towards anything more then it is, but we hope that the patient reader may find it useful in his or her own studies.



Early Japan

The Heian Period

The Gempei War

The Kamakura Period

The Kemmu Restoration

The Muromachi Period

The Sengoku Period

Unification (Azuchi-Momoyama)

The Edo Period