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Weapons and Armor

  • The Teppou by Mike Maikeru Baker
      A history of Japanese firearms.

  • Soul of the Samurai? by A. Knowles
      An examination of the myth of the Japanese sword

  • Kawari Kabuto and the Great Warlords of the "Sengoku" by Agustín J. (Augie) Rodríguez
      An examination of Sengoku Samurai Helmets


  • The Age of the Country at War by M. Viscusi
       History of Oda Nobunaga and his relations with other Daimyo.

  • Historically Speaking: The Hermit Poet Known by Emperors and Shoguns by C. Sterba
    biography of the poet Saigyo.

  • Minamoto no Yoritomo by J. Gilbert
    biography of Minamoto no Yoritomo.

  • Yoshida Shoin by Romulus Hillsborough
    biography of the 'archetype of Japanese revolutionaries'.

  • Katsu Kaishu - The Man Who Saved Early Modern Japan by Romulus Hillsborough
      The life of one of the most remarkable Samurai of the Meiji Restoration

  • The Madness of Hideyoshi by Marcel Thach
      An article that contends that Hideyoshi's decisions near the end of his life can be attributed to his mental imbalance

  • Sakamoto Ryoma - The Indispensable 'Nobody' by Romulus Hillsborough
      An examination of the impact of the life of Sakamoto Ryoma on Japan

    General History

  • The Rise of Buddhism in Politics and War by Justin Rowan
    Buddhism in Japanese history.

  • Methods of Early Japanese State Building and Tactics of Legitimation by Joseph Nagaeyari Ryan
    An analysis of the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki as political tools in early Japanese society.

  • Modernization and the Decline of the Samurai by N. Moscardi
      Article that theorizes that it was a combination of factors that resulted in the decline of the Samurai.

  • Muromachi and Ashikaga: Flourishing Culture and Political Disintegration by E. Wallace
    An examination of the culture of Japan's Ashikaga period.

  • Cultural Diffusion and its Effects on Japan by Mike Maikeru Baker
    An examination of cultural assimilation by Japan over the centuries.

  • Takeda Shingen vs Uesugi Kenshin - A Comparison of Warlords by Andy Knowles
    A comparison and contrast of the two warlords.

  • The Japanese in Ayudhya in the first half of the 17th century by Cesare Polenghi
    A study of the Japanese enclave in Siam in the early 17th century.

  • The Hidden Relevance of Japanese Historical Influences by Inoue Kazuki
    A look the influences on Japanese society, focusing on a military tradition from the Sengoku period forward

  • Heian Period by F.W. Seal
    The court and clans of the Heian

  • Early Japan by F.W. Seal
    The rise of the Japanese state

  • Sonno-Joi by Marcel Thach
    An examination of Western expansionism in the fall of the Tokugawa Bakufu

  • The Meiji Era and the Modernization of Japan by Maria Christensen
      Japan's stunning rate of modernization during the Meiji period is examined

  • Origins of the Samurai by David Lay
      An early history of the Samurai

  • A Premodern History of Odawara by Robert Ketcherside and Maki Noguchi
      An examination of the long history of Odawara

  • Samurai Puppets: The Samurai of the Tokugawa Shogunate by Matt Williams
      A look at the life of the Samurai during the Tokugawa Period

  • Life of the Samurai and Shogunates by Mohammed Abbasi
      A history of the Samurai from thier beginnings until the Tokugawa era

    Military History

  • The Onin War by J. Gilbert
      A history of the Onin War.

  • Militant Buddhists: A look at the Ikko-Ikki by Mike Maikeru Baker
    A transcript of a lecture on the Ikko-Ikki by Michael Baker.

  • Hideyoshi and Korea by Cesare Polenghi
      The reasons, the chronicle, and the consequences of the Japanese invasion from 1592 - 1598

  • The Fall of the Takeda Clan by Joseph Nagaeyari Ryan
      Examination of the final years of the Takeda clan of Kai

  • The Gempei War by F.W. Seal
      History of the Gempei War

  • Military Aspects of the Daimyô by F.W. Seal
      An examination of how Daimy
    ô recruited, supplied, and armed thier armies

  • The Japanese Samurai Versus the European Knight by Mohammed Abbasi
      A comparison of the Samurai to the Knight.

  • The Battle of Nagashino by Nathan H. Ledbetter
      An examination of the famous Oda-Takeda battle

    Fiction Excerpts

  • The Sword and the Chrysanthemum [Excerpt] by Susan Scharfman
      An excerpt from the book 'The Sword and the Chrysanthemum'

  • Jizamurai [Excerpt] by Thomas Davidson
      A Samurai's struggle for survival in Sengoku Japan

  • Across the Nightingale Floor [Excerpt] by Lian Hearn
      An excerpt from the book 'Across the Nightingale Floor'

    Fan Fiction

  • In the Footsteps by N. Wilson
      A fictional account of Hideyoshi's brother.

  • Samurai in the Fog by M. Anderson
      A short chambara fiction.

  • Tales of the Matsu Clan by N. Wilson
      A story of a fictional clan of Northeastern Japan.

  • Sakura by S. Share
      A fictional account of the battle of Anegawa.

  • Nagashino by Christopher Mole
      A fictional account of the battle of Nagashino.

  • Kyoudai by Mike Maikeru Baker
      The lives of two veteran samurai are changed during the battle of Ankokuji.

  • Youhachirou by Joseph Nagaeyari Ryan
      A short story of a Samurai in combat.

  • Under the Yoka Hazakura by 'Neesan Cho
      A young boy, living in an era of power, learns the way of the Samurai.

    Samurai Fiction 2014 Short Story Contest

  • The Nagasaki Incident by Jesse Workman WINNER

    Samurai Fiction 2013 Short Story Contest

  • Bitterness by Scott Thomas Patrick WINNER

    Samurai Fiction 2012 Short Story Contest

  • Tsujigiri by Scott Thomas Patrick WINNER

    Samurai Fiction 2011 Short Story Contest

  • Inu Chushingura, or the Tale of the 47 Loyal Dog Retainers by OnnaMusha WINNER

    Samurai Fiction 2010 Short Story Contest

  • The Samurai Who Lost His Head But Found Another by OnnaMusha WINNER
  • Leftovers by Matthew Anderson Second Place
  • Shinja Castle by Rick Shaw Third Place
  • Shadows of What Might Have Been by C.E. West (Kitsuno) Fourth Place
  • Samurai Fiction 2009 Short Story Contest

    Samurai Fiction 2008 Short Story Contest

    Samurai Fiction 2007 Short Story Contest

    Samurai Fiction 2006 Short Story Contest

    • Gaki by Jesse Workman WINNER (New Edit 6/2006)
        Ghost Story genre.
      Historical fiction.
    • Massugu by Andy Lowe HONORABLE MENTION
        Pulp Fiction genre.

    Samurai Fiction 2005 Short Story Contest

    • Stray Dogs by Nina Boal WINNER [Updated edit 9/05]
        A fictional account of Fuwa Kazuemon of the 47 Ronin.
    • Sakuradamongai no Hen By Joseph Nagaeyari Ryan HONORABLE MENTION
      Bakumatsu-era fiction.

    Related Articles

  • The "Badass" Samurai in Japanese Pop Culture by Nino Moscardi
    An examination of the romantic image of the heroic Samurai and the mystical Ninja with supernatural powers.

  • The Samurai in Fiction [Excerpt] by Alain Silver
      An excerpt from the book 'The Samurai Film'

  • Through the Looking Glass: Seeing Post War Japan via the film Seven Samurai by E. Wallace
      An analysis of post-war Japan via the movie 'Seven Samurai'.

  • The Day I met the Kamikaze Pilots by C.E. 'Bud' Brann
      An interesting account of the author's meeting with two former WWII Kamikaze pilots.