The following selections are drawn from published translations of various daimyo house codes. The included passages are intended to allow some insight into the priorities individual daimyo placed on the conduct of their retainers. It should be borne in mind that most of the following, including the articles written by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (not a daimyo himself as we consider the term), were composed for the benefit of the daimyo's retainers. The code written by Asakura Toshikage was intended for future Asakura daimyo, and the Rokkaku's laws were composed for both the retainers and future Rokkaku daimyo. Therefore, law as it related to the common folk is only touched upon, although certain passages in the Chosokabe's section throws some light on this area. While tempting, I have not included redundancies. For instance, articles condemning the heavy use of alcohol can be found in a number of the codes. I elected to include only the Chosokabe's injunction, which is nicely explicit. Also, A number of the daimyo gave strict orders against fighting; I found the Imagawa article the most succinct.

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